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wednesday vibes (1 may) — This will move you.

OKAY THEN. So again I am being shown two, side by side paths people are walking, or did I even mention that yet? But YES. There for sure are a group of you who are feeling more connected with their peoples, amazed at how much things have shifted, and like, in love with life. To the max.

They are all saying that this is something better than they have ever felt before. This energy brings a sharpened AWARENESS to things – in a way that ayahuasca does as you will see and feel things on a level you did not know existed before. AND you will feel moved to do something about that which moves you from within.

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tuesday vibes (30 april) — Honor the cycles and you are free.

Good morning! So today is a warning day that you all will pass, but still, it’s there as a test where you will notice, in your body, that you KNOW what to do or what to avoid or what to let go of in order to do for you and rise for you and create from the depth of your true visions for how you want things to be. So get ready to do an excellent job today at showing your exalted-self rising.

But first the test. A person leading with the feminine will come in to rain on your parade and it’s only because they are hurting so much and so confused or feeling so let down. But NOTICE. Notice that you see that or that you pause inside before reacting or before feeling hurt yourself by what they bring. You will not fall for it this time. You will try to listen instead, KNOWING that old way of getting defensive NEVER GOT YOU ANYWHERE. And here is the test again. Let’s get you somewhere.

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monday vibes (29 april) — Oh the inspiration! It’s sweet.

Okay my loves. We have a new week. This is a very new layer and it’s going to take a minute to get used to but, when you do, the way YOUR BODY feels out in the world is going to change – it’s going to guide you. We’ll talk about this over the next few readings.

So we now move into a very emotional and sensitive space that has two different paths to it. ONE, the preferred ride, lifts you to amazing heights in seeing into your dream and seeing that NOW you will do this life changing thing. You can be A FLUTTER with how inspired you are to get down to creating a new world to move through.

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sunday vibes (28 april) — Well that was a big shift!

Oh wow… something shifted remarkably with this energy. It’s like I moved into this transcendent state where it is calm and loving and smooth and not at all like what it has felt like before.

It feels like luminescent pastel purple. OH! I got it. It’s like when you just start to get off the table after getting a massage. It’s how you have been going deep into this relaxed state and now it just feels sweet and soft and sacred, where you can really feel what you are feeling.

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saturday vibes (27 april) — The meteor showers bring blessings.

So today we can get a little frazzled and you need to have your heads up in regards to knowing you will have a short fuse and things may be tripping you up like one thing after the other – or at least a change on your path will be forced upon you.

It’s like something is agitating us and stirring us up for the purpose of getting us to take some deep breaths and see into how we want to respond instead of slinging some automatic, triggered response. And just like, take life, even when it is a huge mouthful, keep going, and don’t make this something that alters you or changes what you planned on doing.

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friday vibes (26 april) — This is building up. This is the foreplay.

Good morning, loves! So here we are at the very top of the moon mapping wheel and today is when we get real tired and start to pull more into ourselves as we have something big to process over the last two weeks.

There is something unique about this time because this is not a lazy or selfishly inward two weeks we now enter, as I feel it will be moved by us in a new way, with these new eyes that we have, and how we want to make the most of what something is and to not always form it into this permanent thing that we think we want.

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thursday vibes (25 april) — Let this go. You are to build again in a better way.

Good morning, love. Today is a big day for discovering something that may have been hard to face but now you will see that carrying this is too much of a burden on the plans you have for your future. So you may have had good intentions, but reality sets in and you see that maybe this is too much for you to carry and that something else needs to happen.

Now I don’t necessarily think this will come with no pain because I feel like we go low in order to see this or to finally discover the only thing that is left to do. We finally see that we must let go of something and that we must rebuild again, even if we don’t want to.

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wednesday vibes (24 april) — Just good enough is actually NOT enough for you.

Look at this magic!! You may be sitting in a pile of tears, feeling that you will never be seen and you have made some mistake and won’t get to succeed where others do. BUT. On this day we have the ability to shift our path 100% with our thoughts.

And SURE we can often anyway BUT today is different in that we can see our lives change so quickly when we stay in this moment and choose from places where we value ourselves and don’t judge ourselves every step of the way, defining so many things as flaws.

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tuesday vibes (23 april) — Our wounds are made known at this time. And for good reason.

Now my babies. Do know that a big test is right here and rising into tomorrow and further probably. But for this day, we are in some of the pothole-iest weather we have seen so far in regards to things hitting YOU on the inside.

Your current road conditions are sort of like the road I live on where it is so rough you can’t even drive more than 10mph. You got to lay on the brakes or shift into first and maneuver through huge land mines on a road that’s at a 45 degree angle. AND at some points it is too narrow for 2 cars to pass, so if someone else on the road is there, too, it means we have to come together to make it work.

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monday vibes (22 april) — when we find our value, we create revolution.

Good morning, sweet loves!! What a beautiful day, I feel from this energy, and I do know that one of the most beautiful humans alive is born on this day – happy birthday, my Kris! – and she was also born on the very first Earth Day – so Earth Day is 49 years old, today!

What is interesting is that 49 is revolution, when we revolt in our lives and make big changes, as we step into 50 and get real serious about life and how quickly it passes and how much more we want still and now feel willing to work for.

When we are in our true form, we grow through our decades and when we hit about 48 to 56, we shoot off in a really big way with this new upgraded system that is not so fragile or unstable in regards to the many, many, many – true that – things to give us strife on the Earth Walk.

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sunday vibes (21 april) — your heart is about to reveal a totally new and wonderful way.

Something is guiding us today to move energy towards bringing closure to something that is no longer working in our lives. This is as reboot as they come! This is when we all say, it’s now or never. This new energy is wonderful.

Not that seeing things so much darker is wonderful but the feeling inside of our bodies that is growing from that which we face AND from how much we strive to do kind things, on the daily, is what is changing us inside and what is getting us to release our addictions to the dramas or patterns from our past that we know we need to rise above, in the same way our teenage selves do not choose in the same way of our 33 year old selves.

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saturday vibes (20 april) — the revolution is born.

Okay then! Here is another new day and you KNOW this. You know that things don’t feel the same but that you are geared the fuck up to change something and to go for something that deals with what your heart needs to do.

And the plans, my gosh! You all should be deep in work where you are seeing how this will go and piecing things back to where you came from and seeing things from such a wide angled lens — that truly has only been opened for a brief minute, here for you to see what you need to see that needs to be released, transformed, and let go of so that you can finally fly free.

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friday vibes (19 april) — hello full moon. you sure are a big one.

There could not be a mightier Full Moon than this one here! This one is power to clean that house and to reveal things hidden that we could not fathom or to finally face those unbearables that we just haven’t wanted to see. But this is like elephant in the room material, so it’s ultimately all very obvious – it just was hidden and ignored and manipulated to be something that we just don’t see or talk about.

So all around it can feel overwhelming and shocking, like something coming up from the ocean that we don’t expect to see. For that reason get ready to feel ODD. But I like this odd, so let’s go with it. It has a feeling of deep, spiritual connection. Like transcendence and where we somehow rise above in seeing how things in the media world are being scripted and programmed to lead us places that we do not have to be.

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thursday vibes (18 april) — walk your talk and choose what feels right to you.

Well for sure today there is movement – and we are talking about it, sharing it, and realizing there is the need for us to do something about what we talk — so today it really is when we are to step up and walk our talk.

And now, what is spectacular, is that things are making it real easy to do so – AND we are at a culmination point so we close the door of a cycle that began 5 to 7 years ago – and even look how the numerology vibration today sings of the 2, 5, and 7. The 2 is all about finding the peace and walking the bridge and going to the other side and finding the ways to create balance so as to move forward gracefully – and basically be done with things so that they don’t have a lingering negative essence – holding us in lingering negative spaces – manifesting lingering negative futures.

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wednesday vibes (17 april) — get ready for a huge upgrade.

Oh I love this!!! So something happened in the night with your sleep and you may have had some unusual dreams where you connect something. But most of you will just wake up feeling a bit more connected in regards to something that kept a bridge from being completely walked, where you were stuck waffling in the middle, or going back to how it had been done and how you knew life to be.

But the other side was still over there waiting for you, for when you were really ready. And now something with our minds is changing so that we participate in the dance with others in ways where we have more power with the WAY we use our words – or choose to not use them at all.

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tuesday vibes (16 april) — draw that boundary! don’t let them muddy you up.

Okay loves. Today is super emotional in a weird way. Like, things will hit you in expanded ways but where this is the thing that actually moves you to create the change, to get up, to make a stand, to go for something and to NOT EVER let life or opportunities pass you by again. So it’s like the final notice or the last stop, which actually DOES get you to make a decision.

Right now we feel claustrophobic by what is keeping us bound up or blocked from moving forward. Things that muddy up our path with their drama will show up today and it is on YOU to draw that boundary and make it clear that this is not what you are open for or have time for or is in any way your responsibility to take on.

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monday vibes (15 april) — the flutter to come will lift your view.

Good morning, sweet love! First thing this week, we have no idea what is going on but we can tell that something big is changing – mostly just because it NEEDS to. Something feels different this week in that we are coming out of some slumber where maybe we felt we couldn’t get anything done or couldn’t keep up with the details of life. Something keeping us slowed down or locked up is finally releasing and this means more and more of you are finally starting to feel the tides of change.

Now this energy LIFTS in a really powerful way – and it has a flutter to it – so when it is time for you to go next level, it can feel, suddenly, like what you were fearing is such a huge memory that you will want to coach people on how to hold faith until things shift for them too.

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sunday vibes (14 april) — imagine the best outcome. let go of the worst case scenario.

So today is going to be a good day! You are going to connect something and it lightens the load or will be releasing a debt or burden in some way. There is a feeling of support or something where you can trust for a minute because the love or family or a gathering is happening where we are in this moment and that is all we have for now and it feels good.

There also is something with sharing and how this is transferring things that give us hope and draw us together even if before we had differences. This energy is moving us together and blending us together and getting us softer to do some healing work that’s coming in the near future. But right now the focus is on opening our hearts and getting us to feel things in new ways where we also have the expressive gift attached – so we are talking about these heart things we are feeling. And it feels good, like it supports others to do the same or somehow connects things for us.

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saturday vibes (13 april) — if they say it can’t be done, make it your goal to do it.

Something can have us feeling a bit battered by this point of the week – and I imagine it’s why I have been distracting you in readings with stories for a while now. It seems like the reading room has been about teachings of the most foundational and in helping us to ride this new vibrational shift into operating in ways that are the way we truly are to run.

When I was talking about how I was allowed to run free in the woods and in the neighborhoods, I learned the healthy balance of masculine and feminine because I had to be intuitive, as no one was there guiding me, and I had to follow through on the feelings I had, not waffling or thinking too much about things. To be 7 and alone and wandering, I only went on my senses. And I meandered like an animal would, sniffing out things, smelling something new, noticing that thing over there. And THAT is what birthed me being able to just move to a state that I had never been, where I knew nothing at all about it – and now I have done it 5 times and with nothing but wild success!

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friday vibes (12 april) — there is a new you rising.

Hi baby! Okay. So, first thing, we finally reach the very bottom of the moon mapping wheel and we start the journey of 2 weeks into ACTION MODE! And things are lining up spectacularly so that this shift will be VERY EVIDENT where things just feel so much like a new season has rolled in or things feel back on track and where you have passed some corner. You will feel a strength in some aspect of your life because of this rebalancing act going on within each of us – but seriously, expect the changes to come FAST after feeling no change for some time.

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thursday vibes (11 april) — from the inner comes the outer

So first let’s talk more about what I was trying to get out a few days ago. I had so much more to share but need to stop in these readings – and it amazes me that I do these daily and have to be like OKAY, TIMES UP. And not like, hhmmm, wonder what I should write… haha. I truly am never at a loss for words in these odd readings because they are showing me SO MUCH.

BUT. What we are ultimately seeing in the world right now, with this energy rushing in, is that our masculine and feminine are switching in what we have intellectually defined them as – or rather they are HUGELY UPGRADING to the truth of who they were intended to be all along…

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wednesday vibes (10 april) — we are bound by our definitions.

Good morning!!!!! OKAY THEN. So we are in even more of what yesterday was but now we have settled into something changed about our lives. And I LOVE THIS. But it still is beyond what we are seeing right now, so this is just like we see a baby at 8 weeks old but we can’t even imagine that baby at 88 years old. And what different things to imagine — the beginning of a process and the end.

So we are at the beginning and just like the baby had to learn to walk and talk and do everything – we, too, will learn a brand new template that just started DAYS ago. So all things are being rewritten and from our ADDICTION TO CLASSIFY THEM. To “place-ify” (one of our new words) things into places where they ultimately fit into a box of a description. We place one thing description from another thing description. We are like postal service workers, filing the mail away…

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tuesday vibes (9 april) — things change fast today! Trust that this is for your good.

Okay then! Get ready for things to change FAST – and to go with the flow, no matter where you be taken, because it IS expediting your journey in some way. This IS a short-cut no matter how your man-made mind wants to interpret it’s meaning. Spirit human knows this is the part you play in the big picture of life on Earth and in our universe and universes beyond that.

There is a big thing going on here. And to fight your role, because you don’t understand it, is the old way. This is like fighting coming out mama’s belly – like, it’s not a good idea to fight what is a natural thing even if it hurts like the worst thing you could imagine. Birth hurts. Life hurts. But that pain doesn’t last forever.

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monday vibes (8 april) — The mental battle is real, but you are here to take the gold.

Good morning loves! So we begin this week with energy feeling a bit flip flopped as this new masculine energy grows stronger in all of us. But what it begins with is feeling tired when you are normally energized, or something with your schedules that aren’t working the way they used to. This could mean something like you were a morning bird but now are finding it hard to wake up, or you were a night owl who now suddenly needs to go to sleep earlier. This will be happening for at least a week where things are flipped in what seems to be out of position, but as the days roll on you will adapt and something will move you into an area where before you thought you couldn’t do something.

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NO! The Moon Vibe readings are for ALL SIGNS! This is the energy we all will walk through on the journey of the days ahead.

BUT for the Full Moon + New Moon, which each occurs once a month, KV does readings for each sign unique.

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But the journey that led to this offering truly began in 1999 when KV channeled 700 pages of what she was told would be High Vibrational Astrology — what the planets really had to say about their message to us. And this is before people used the words high vibe!  And what came from her then were things she had no idea she even knew.


Before I knew I could go into any day past or future, I had NO IDEA I could do this. But how it goes now is that I am presented with this room that I walk into after I declare what day it will be. And once inside there is NO TELLING what I will see! But what I see is what I share in the moon vibe readings. All those unusual nuances I nail that prove accurate are merely what I am being shown. And I have NEVER been at a loss or find them challenging to do!