Aquarius Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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Things are coming to shake up your whole world in regards to how you have seen something and then have walked it true — but now the energy will just sit different in you, to the point you won’t be able to put your finger on it, but there will be a  new confidence rising in you AS IF you DID come from totally loving, empowering and supportive forces in your upbringing. If you grew up feeling held and protected, you just walk out into the world totally different than if you did not.

How we walk out into the world is determined by those early forces. And all Aquarians in some area of their lives feel very left out and cheated by something, or not seen in the ways that they really are or seek to be.

SO they grow a dysfunction in how they dance with others where they expect the past to play out and they brace for what they just know the next person will do TOO. And it is a turn of the cycles like now where you start over and reboot a new life because of something that you are finally seeing in a new light and giving new dreams to what can potentially be.

BUT. This is an important cycle change so you straddle two worlds, possibly scarcity based or at least not fitting into the world based – alongside the dream you long to be riding again. So things could feel like a test where you are having to hold faith and look into the mystery and surrender completely with NO CONTROL. But for the purpose – actually – of getting you to the point of forcing you to stand up and fight for the life you dream of living, to believe into the darkness that your insights can be done and your dreams fulfilled because they ARE ahead of the times.

To be you in this energy you need to be leaning towards, and almost tipping over, as you seek for what you are trying to manifest. This creative project or career dream needs you believing in it before it supports and sustains you. So you must lean into it wanting to move it along BECAUSE it is so brilliant. But YOU got to feel that in the core of you. You need to become the kids who DO get all the advantages and support from the get go.

You need to just ASSUME you will be supported and that all pieces will come in perfectly for you. From that confidence will come a new world that is what you have been working on for years. So take this moment to shift. It’s time to focus on the good and to see that get more of your attention.

Do expect to kind of go back at this time where ideas from your past will be coming again that are creative based and that now, due to the passing of time, things have changed and now they DO make sense, or you have caught up to them again. So expect that while on the pursuit of getting things into balance with what you are sharing with the world, versus taking care of yourself and living a valuable life on the mellow, that you WILL come back to ideas that now will weave in perfectly with your plans.

And seriously though, I am seeing that you are in this sort of magnetic space where you are attracting support for what you are vibing and for that reason you can see so many pieces come together and where out of the blue your foundation is solid and a new excitement to want to share more of yourself will be rising.

This also makes me think about money and how when we have none we vibe this fearful thing where we doubt we can manifest more. But vibing that IN THIS ENERGY can be dangerous. So even with $5 in hand, there again needs to be the shift in perspective saying at least you have that $5 and let that empower you to manifest more. We must hold those states with hope in order to bridge us to a new pattern way.

And right now things are coming from people on the internet who are talking about abundance and showing you success — and you are to focus on them. They are coming ON PURPOSE and the test is: does it make you feel like you will never have or does it inspire you to want to create the same. Make the shift now and you WILL be smiling pretty within days. It’s THAT powerful for you right now.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how things have held me back and brought about a more challenging journey. I now see that things are working out and shifting as if the tide is suddenly in my favor. I welcome the changes that bring me the good as it fills my core with confidence that there can be more and that I have a place to rise and be recognized. My new world starts now and it satisfies. I AM starting over.



Sending you heap loads of love.


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