Cancer Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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You have a lot on your mind where you are in spaces of wanting to figure out how to feel safe in this world while giving of your souls purpose work, where you feel SEEN and where this moves you to then create from that foundation of feeling held.

And you ARE onto something, my love! And the key is that you need to remember that you DO have a place out in the world and you need to hold yourself out there with honor and with respect in showing yourself in whatever ways are truly raw and real and how you naturally flow.

You need to find yourself again in the ways that feel comfortable for you to be HELD out in the world. And this is to be created by YOU!! — That is another key. You are not to look out and find your place from what you see out there. You are to look within and force the place out there to just BECOME because you so naturally vibe it and expect it to be for you. There is less pressure when you first design yourself and then get the world to create a place for you.

I’ve been going through my own expansive spaces in understanding myself better through my life journey, and now I keep wanting more and more and even just changed my title the other day and FINALLY gave myself a name. It took me over a decade to finally say I was an Astrologer. I walk slow into roles because I want to have full power in them when I do finally step into the shoes.

And YOU are to find true power where you are stepping up, rebuilding or going some next level with what you share of yourself and what idea you desire to give of your thing. This also feels very much like new love or marriage or new project or baby or something that brings in the feelings that you have changed, because you are living this other experience. And when we live experiences, we change because of them.

You are showing yourself in a new way where you are going into your heart and really asking the questions of what you want to do and what you are really good at. You may also be designing even deeper and going into where you want to live and what sort of dreams REALLY ARE OUT THERE and available. When seeking into your own heart spaces and priming you FIRST, it is getting you to set sail in your mind in regards to what is really possible and how you can grow and expand and have it be a successful journey.

What we will see in these times now is that the insides are creating the outside. And things like marketing and presenting ourselves is going through a shift where the outside “wobbles” if the inside is also like jello. And usually we only put ourselves into wobble creating situations when we are doing for others and following the rules or things that others tell us we should be doing for success.

But when we slow down on that and instead just go outside and play or go be creative or soak in the tub, we then see that we want things in different ways. And this energy is getting you to go different and to access your heart and just allow it to feel and to hold something that you would like to start putting into place and bringing into order.

Something with the home or office wants to shift or something where the environment with which you play needs to upgrade to feel more special to you. Again, this time is helping you value yourself out in the world, THROUGH getting you to choose for you and love on that for a while. So your spaces need to be in harmony and in your daily attention and upkeep.

Things like this are helping you feel confident as you see things change and ripple in other ways to affect other change. This also would be an EXCELLENT time to apply Feng Shui and to really think about how things flow around you. Since a change is needed, it likely is something like this. And I live in a house that was built on sacred geometry and its 8 sided. But figuring out the flow took me over a year!!! I moved things and it was a mess until last April. Now I LOVE IT SO MUCH! But it’s almost like as I have healed and changed, I’ve figured out better ways to work with my space, and this highly charged energy.

And as you understand YOU better, the WHAT and the HOW and the WHERE may be changing a bit. And that’s okay. You may also feel very sensitive and judgmental of yourself in regards to your growth, and that’s okay too, but know that where there is a sore, there is a wound and it’s just something that needs attention.

You CAN look into the pain and not interpret it as a bad thing about you. It’s just getting you to use your voice and express in different ways BECAUSE the style you had taken on WAS like too tight of jeans. It doesn’t fit, but it’s not a bad thing. It just means you need to ask for something better. You can do this. And you also can take those tight jeans to the donation center and see them serving a purpose for someone else. You can take your pain and teach it to someone else.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how others have gotten me buying into a way that I must be when inside I feel there is another way to bring about the upgrades and improvements I seek. I access my heart and decide to go deep because the light needs to shine on what I already possess inside that sings of a way of life where harmony can be felt, and hope can be held. I believe in a fairy tale and I risk it all for the love of my dreams.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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