Capricorn Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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And in will come the sunshine, straight into your heart where it WILL be clear that you ARE supported and that you do have a place in the world. Right now you are in a space where you will be bending as far as you can go, where you may even think you are about to snap, and THEN something is coming to shift things and it comes out of the blue, but straight from the mystery.

And what is to come is something that gets you believing in miracles again and working for the improvement instead of holding back sort of insecure and waiting to see how you fit in. Your confidence levels may have been a bit low when you had to hold the weight of other people’s opinions and what they were saying about the potential for what is to come.

And taking all that on could certainly have you feeling that maybe we can’t dream for a better day? Maybe things can’t change, and we don’t get to live life on our terms and from what our heart dreams can one day be? Maybe we need to come down to Earth and wake up and NOT shoot for too much?

THAT is where you can be – until you totally are not. But wavering over there is FOR SURE on the table. But rising out of it is ALSO what is next to be served because this time is getting your heart to jumpstart and wake up anew in regards to getting you to choose and to create for a more supportive world that sees you and values the REAL you.

You are being asked to soften and show more of yourself in what you dream of doing that relates to your creative gifts or something that gives you joy. You are to make the choice to give more time to play and to believe that the world will support you when you first lighten up and enjoy what is around you.

But the way that the outer world has conditioned you to hold your creative things is what needs to upgrade. And more of YOU needs to get into your things.  This may mean you have to go back and correct what is already moving forward, but at this time, the ideas and inspiration are THERE. So putting things into balance with your projects and ideas will feel exciting because now that you are putting yourself first, or giving your body the true voice to express as the priority, your heart will start wanting a bit more.

This also marks a time when a change within you is starting to attract changes outside of you. And where a gateway is opening is with love. So it can be that something wakes you up again and brings about a rebirth in wanting to savor the life that you have and also wanting to use your time to work towards making a difference and doing what you can even on the smallest of levels. This will get you thinking about your footprint but also about wanting to go back and think about footprints of the past! So the ways you have connected with others that possibly were left disconnected with others will be on your mind because there are reasons to go back and make something right. The energy wants you to improve things but to do them from this new exalted value system where your heart is softening and seeking out ways to put love first.

Now the big news in this reading is letting you know that the way you walk is about to change. And it feels like opportunities that come out of the blue, but that connect something long awaited are arriving – as if suddenly your flow is changing – and this is to lighten your heart even more and show you that you CAN trust and believe even though no one else has done this before and it maybe doesn’t make sense to most people.

But your life is to be your own and right now there IS love coming your way to show you that you don’t have to worry so much about the future. You CAN trust the ride and see that things come together better that way anyway. Fortunately, the Universe is set to SPOIL you will magic —- if only you allow your heart to dream that things can grow better. That seed is powerful in you right now and things are coming in to support you loving on yourself and loving on the things that you creatively love to do.

YOU HAVE A PLACE. You just got to own it. Then, the world will love on you. There is something like recycling going on, so you also are going back to make things better, and while there, a new awakened love for something is set to rise. The arrow is pointed on romance or a baby or a project finally growing wings to fly. So enjoy this ride. The answer comes in when you surrender and it aligns you perfectly to something that you THOUGHT you had passed by or missed out on. All of this is to awaken your heart to dreaming again and to seeing that all things ARE possible if they are fed with the love and energy of a positive belief. Awaken Capricorn! It’s time to play more! It’s time to go out and get your magic.  

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how things have loved on me to the point I don’t really love on myself in the ways I love on others. I now give space to express through my heart and to expect that I will be loved and well received. I have gifts that will benefit others and I dream them into manifestation now. I am ready to live the dream, so first I visualize it clearly. The magic IS possible. And I want more for me.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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