Friday (10 january) – Hello LUNAR ECLIPSE!

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Hate inside of you

is holding a flame to Australia

at this moment.

Love inside of you is holding rain.

Please start holding rain.

It’s what you are designed to do.

well hello L U N A R  E C L I P S E!

Oh moon! We love when you go full in Cancer – and better yet as a LUNAR ECLIPSE, coming in to define the flavor of our next 6 months. And THANK GOODNESS you are here now, opening our hearts and getting us to feel ALL THE PAIN that surrounds at this time when Mama Earth is NOT being supported. And when Mama is hanging by a thread, so are the babies. How you feeling, baby?

With this MOST POWERFUL Lunar Eclipse, that shares the space with Uranus going direct, leaving us with no planets in retrograde for over a month, we now enter TOTALLY DIFFERENT ENERGY where we say ENOUGH of attacking the feminine aspects of life. Right now you will see the patriarchy through new eyes as if you are so completely DONE following this nonsense.

What I feel is that we are closing the door on a way of being that has been consumer focused and insecurity fueled. We will be waking up at lightning speed in regards to things where we suddenly snap back as if seeing that we were under a trance and following along when ACTUALLY – no. We don’t want to. No. This does not make sense. No. This is not the only way there is.

And NO. There are WAY more sides to this and NO ONE will have a valid argument in favor of how it has been. INSIDE YOUR BODIES you are going to start feeling things so strongly that you will know you have to make changes and do something to FEEL better.

One thing about Cancer, the sign, which I’ve heard from fellow Cancers, is that they often feel mad inside – but they won’t show it. I am the polar opposite in that if I am mad, 100% you know it. BUT having that transparency means I have had to deal with my anger and face the emotions I feel. If I could hold in anger and show peace, I would keep doing it and allowing it to be – like getting away with being an alcoholic and keeping it hidden.

Expressing that anger got me to understand WHAT makes me mad and how to process it in a way so that IT DOESN’T. Because don’t they also say Cancer, the disease, grows from unresolved or unfaced things? Like, I have heard that we can get cancer from holding in our anger and anger is an essential element of the stages of grief and in bringing forward our wounds to be healed.

But anger is nothing we are to adapt around and have anywhere near us. Anger is why you see what is going on in the world right now. What WE ARE contributes to what occurs, as a collective, around the world. Just as gravity is this far out thing that is invisible but REAL – no one can question it, right?

SO IS the energy we hold and ((( spread ))) – because that which we hold (that we are), we spread and share and influence others to be AND contribute to the entire collective that swings always in favor of majority. So holding in anger is great for the looks on your face, but that anger goes into a bucket to be collected and added to the sum total of what all things that breathe life ARE HOLDING.

We were programmed to play pretty and be good and obedient, while we snuffed out the true feelings we felt inside. And where we hold things back or where our pain is never recognized, we grow thoughts of hatred, anger, fuck you, and I HOPE YOU FALL.

And where most people need to heal from is their bashing of women (other women who make you feel threatened), their Mothers and men who cry or show emotions or tune into what the family really needs.

So loves. The energy is NEW and it is sassy, to the point, and coming up FIRM in needing to correct all this death and destruction caused from our addictions to corporate minded mentalities that want to exploit US to make THEM rich. There is a new Sheriff in town and SOMETHING that is rising IN THE PEOPLE is turning the tide.

It’s all coming like a tidal wave because you are allowing yourself to feel and to awaken to the truth that LOVE is the only way. But love inside AND outside. We can’t play around anymore. Our feelings matter and they guide us to better days. Understand that the journey to comfort is through discomfort letting us know THIS IS NOT OKAY. Allow your body to speak.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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