friday (13 september) — Oh Moon! We love when you go full in Pisces!

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I declare that my feelings

need more voice

In the coloring of my world.

And I want to feel better

Therefore, I will feel the pain

To bring the healing

To bring the love

To bring the better world

To my eyes.

I no longer escape

From what needs me to see it.

Oh Moon! We love you in Pisces when you show us that feeling things is how we learn to best navigate life. And this time wants you to feel like you have never felt before! You won’t know where this strong wave of emotions is coming from, but it’s COMING. And we are being taken somewhere where we need to go, that needs our attention now, that needs US to show up and face something.

So we are coming out of some fog and it led to us feeling like we didn’t know where to go or what to do – like things were too challenging or too enormous of an obstacle to overcome or to even think about facing. So we all sort of sat in this limbo space in our lives where the too much was blocking the light of the dream we hope our lives can one day be.

Without a dream, without seeking for the betterment of something in life we really are left vacant. And maybe others have bought into thinking vacant is the way and that it is okay — but you and me, we need more from life.

And this opening within our systems is what now presents new perspectives to what we CAN DO. — And I LOVE THIS ENERGY!!! Granted I’m born on the opposite Full Moon and this one sits 1 degree from my Sun — but what I feel in this energy is us finally breaking through some limiting way of being, thinking or viewing of the world that now is ready to grow up and get up and do something about what is so utterly messed up and causing us to feel stress and sadness on the daily.

So as I talked recently, we are moving into Activism with Love, instead of the only way we have been able to express before, which was Activism with anger and upset. And rightfully so, we do want to rip the old white men to shreds who cares not a thought for generations to come, who learned to exploit and will possibly do so until death. BUT. How is it going to help to hate on him when he has a hollowed-out heart (which I’ll talk about in a video soon).

It’s like hating on a dry lake that cannot ever produce water again, when we are best to gracefully hold the space of acceptance and compassion while keeping on track with moving on and getting to the lakes that ARE lush and what we WISH we could see from all lakes. Why focus and hate on the dry lakes when there are lush ones that feed your soul and inspire you to keep with the progressive changes NEEDED for future generations to thrive. We are to stop and saturate when life FEELS GOOD. And when it doesn’t feel good, we are to hold compassion with the hopes that it one day will.

We have to make a decision today — and things DO CHANGE TODAY. Like, after Friday the 13th, we move into a new direction where our minds are talking about some new path and we will be ON IT in regards to knowing what we need to change or let go of where we were just denying our feeling in regards.

Our mistakes are because we don’t listen to our feelings. Our mistakes are because maybe we don’t even know how yet to hear our feelings. The programming creates hollowed out hearts where we DON’T feel and instead we escape into addictions or patterns where we run from something.

If you were taught to never cry, then you had to learn to run from all the things that NATURALLY CAUSE OUR BODIES TO CRY. So that means ‘caring’ is out the window. And it means THINKING is where a human with a hollowed-out heart resides.  

But you and me — WE FEEL. And all that we see in the world has us feeling in ways we have never felt before.  So now… we must learn how to not run. We must learn how to face this with compassion and love AS we walk the example of what we want everything else to fall in line with. This will be our hardest feat maybe, but its only hard the first few times because then you see that YOU staying in the higher vibes as much as possible is how you get the gorgeous life and the things that DO make you feel happy and excited for another day. If there is no excitement for tomorrow we go vacant. But our FEELINGS are always there guiding us to the joy. If only we feel our way and honor what decisions we need to make that it has to say.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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