Friday (20 december) – This test you WILL pass!

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Venus moves into Aquarius.

Pour your love gold

into the hearts of others.

Show them the love way.

Especially if they are in pain.

well hello F R I D A Y!

How funny! I stepped into this day’s energy and something in my heart filled up like warm gold was being poured into it! Then I pulled up the chart to see what was happening and Venus exactly moves into Aquarius as we begin this day. It was pouring this liquid like Aquarius pours out solutions for the betterment of mankind AND my Venus is in Aquarius in the 1st house. How CUTE!!!!

And yes, back in the reading room — there are TONS of ideas floating all around and people are talking about things that need to be rebuilt and in a way where things long-term are being considered. So we may also be realizing that we have to empower each other because there ARE lots of steps — and we can feel this for some reason – that the journey is not over but rather it has just begun and we need to buckle in and keep GETTING UP when we feel like we are being torn down.

Now do understand that NOW is when you will notice that you are not allowing yourself so easily to fall into grooves that you recently got hooked into. And this is a bit of empowerment coming to you because you will be congratulating yourself on how you did not fall for something that you would have before.

When we make big changes, we tend to attract several “testing” situations before we settle into a new pattern. And as we are very determined and grounded with new things we want to accomplish we do need to realize just because we awaken doesn’t mean life flips to only happy vibes – as we all learned!! Haha!! Just because we have our spiritual awakenings that get us seeing into the reality of life in this magical Universe doesn’t mean it stays on that high forever. We get high and then we go low as reality tests what we just learned. But then we walk a journey and learn how to balance life and the dream.

Right now we are seeing into something that wounded us hardcore as it let us down about what we thought we could count on and trust. Just like it broke my heart when, on the Full Moon in Gemini, my dog awakened to the fact that he is part Chesapeake and is a bird dog. Something got in him that day and he killed a crow and a turkey! And our land was home of turkeys feeling so safe that they would even get kind of close to him and he would just sit there and watch!

But now they have trauma because my dog turned on them – although he really turned towards his true nature of being a dog that loves hunting birds — and now will begin the process of learning to trust again and come back into my yard, unguarded. Before this happened they would just hang out and sleep and constantly be all around us. Now they will have to balance life (reality) and the dream (for the better way where they are safe again).

So expect to see all sides and how it has changed you but also know the improvements are there and the ways for things to go smoother WILL COME when you first plant them as seeds in your mind and expect this better outcome or for peace to be possible once again. I KNOW I will break my dog of killing turkeys. I’m pretty sure I already broke the dude because he does not want to disappoint me AND I made the point that they were our friends – and friends is a big word in my house. EVERYTHING is about FRIEEEEEENDS!!!!! So there are deer friends, turkey friends, dog friends, people friends — and friends, we don’t eat, we enjoy their company.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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