friday (20 september) – When we stand up for Mama Earth, she supports us.

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Okay then! Get ready to be pulled off your schedule and to have things come at you that were NOT planned and that you don’t even think you have the time for. We are moving into this interesting time where there will be tests that we can EXPECT and they are 100% totally doable and HELLA easier than what we AT FIRST will think about them.

So today is about showing us how we do have that tendency to immediately think something is bad news or it will trip us up. We instantly go into WHY ME and WTF – but today you will not!! I’m stopping you!! Whatever comes to throw you off your game, just stop for a minute and breathe and then DO whatever it is asking you to do. What is important is the way YOU FEEL when you are doing it. And when you do it, I promise it will work out better than you thought. This is just a test!!! So walk into the fire KNOWING you can handle whatever may show up to challenge the path you intended to be walking.

Now there is a lot going on in this reading room with lots of people talking and sharing and ideas are everywhere and they are about things Pisces related. I have been wanting to bring it up all week, and I do these reading two weeks in advance, so it was long ago, but something about RELIGION and maybe the movie ‘The Family’ or something with a controlling hold that keeps others small is REALLY REALLY in our consciousness. There is something where we see the control, we see that we don’t know what to do, but something magical or spiritual or otherworldly plays a part here in connecting hearts that ARE going to believe in something better — and thus they are going to combine their energies to DO that better thing.

I also feel so excited and amped in this reading where I just stopped and did this little dance in my chair, and I was saying, “Giddy up, gonna do this, do this. Giddy up, gonna do this. Giddy up, gonna do this, do this…” I stopped because I noticed I was doing this but I was doing it for most of the previous paragraph.

BUT this is something with a wave of water rising in us, and as we have been talking today, WE NEED THIS RISE. WE NEED A RISE TO GET US TO RISE. We all need to make a stand but, being that our entire lives we have been programmed to stay small and manipulated through the media messages, it takes something EPICALLY HUGE to get us to really exert the energy and stand up.  

There also is something I am being shown with a country where there is some war where people are being starved of food and mass loads of them are dying and they are kind-hearted, spiritual people looking out and saying, WHERE IS THE HELP? But this is just one example as I’m being shown a map where this one thing is being highlighted for me but there are other areas, not zoomed in yet, that also have cries of, where is the help?

And what this is saying is that we also are often STOPPED because we realize there is SO MUCH TO DO. And this has really been the lesson for us for months where we still have to take one foot and put if forward and do the right thing and BELIEVE that eventually all those steps will add up to something.

We can’t give up on what is becoming when we are still in something that is unbearably UNBECOMING. We have to hold both worlds and be burdened by that often, but at least we have the NEW WORLD to dream for. We ALL have things to be grateful for and reasons to want to be here now. So be eager for what you are doing or working to heal or re-build. Be excited for what we hope will one day be, as we plow through the monsters on our path trying to keep us from Earth’s destiny — which is to support us completely. And we are here to come together and STAND UP FOR Mama Earth, which is OUR DESTINY to do. When we stand up for her, she supports us.

Giddy up. Let’s do this.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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