friday (22 november) – How are you REALLY affecting this?

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Let’s not leave this empty.

Let’s plant it with real love.

Let’s beautify this now.

well hello F R I D A Y!

Okay then. There are more things shifting today and we are drawn into situations with others where we are going to need to pay attention — although I feel real good about how great we will all rise into position — we do need to be aware that something is calling us to behave in a way that was ONLY created and being acted out because someone else inflicted harm, hit your car, wounded your system, and now you have to walk the effects of that.

BUT this week we see that we shift out of these old ways. It really is beginning for all of us is just in this slight difference of perspective and we also face how we do have control in what we expect from this.

There is this girl I met who works at this store and I so enjoyed meeting her and hearing about the other country she comes from. But then, over time, I noticed that I felt like she was giving me snarky looks, or at least not loving ones. So I pulled away and sort of forgot about her. I went with what I saw her showing me and I wasn’t interested in that. Then, after several months, I got the idea to go talk to her again.

It was then that I figured out that I had been doing something that got her to be looking at me in a different way, which got me forgetting about her, and moving on. But it was my wound, coming from a mother who hated me, and now, I HAD TO GET OVER EXPECTING women to look at me the same way my mother did.

So my wounds now have me seeing that sort of vibe from a woman and I naturally, or rather, wrongfully woundedly, act out how I would, which is to just leave the room and go to where the love IS. IF you give me no love, I go and find it somewhere else. And right now, we all need to be love magnets – TO BELIEVE we deserve the love and like, with a hot stove, we move away when we see it is on. We don’t just stay and accept it and burn our skin off. Yet in life, we so often do! We stay in things that burn our skin because we don’t think we deserve better and we think suffering is okay. But we also act out in ways that attract those people that WILL abuse us and try to burn our skin off.

When we stop acting in these certain ways, we no longer see them. When we get out of high school and into college, we no longer face the same high school issues. College changes it a bit, as all upleveling of our value system provides for us on this Earth Walk journey.

So level up with this energy and think in terms of the infinity sign, or 8 on its side. See how what you are expecting is what you are putting out there and see how it goes through the figure 8 and ends up back at its original state.

Be that, over the next few days, as you think about how you ARE energetically contributing to things. I found out that girl is LOVELY!!!! She just has her own story about women maybe leaving her or letting her down — or whatever.

We have a billion stories that created our expectations for what we will see and we have a billion reasons to start shifting those consciously to what we desire them to be. FINALLY, let’s put ourselves first and expect the best. No one else is doing this for us but us. So if not us, then who? No one.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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