friday (27 september) – Our impact is growing like monsoon season flooding.

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One thing at a time,

but do it right,

give it your all,

be in this moment

and SHINE the love

you wish others would hold.

well hello F R I D A Y!

WOW!!! This is a magical day!!!!! We are coming together and learning how to be together in better ways so that we can attract bees with our honey and not push everything away by only serving them hot sauce. Our hot sauce makes an impact, but not the one we want – and we need to remember that WE WANT. We want something here. We need something brought into healing here.

And with that need we must learn a new way to be defiant to resistance where we adapt better or market ourselves better or promote ourselves better, doing it with heart and compassion. We are in a space where we have to learn to forgive AND have compassion and we need to change these ways in our mind and with how we process things so that they can have a new way of developing into what wants to be a dream come true.

We face something that is an old relic and it plans on being there for the long haul. So, to introduce the better way, we have to show ourselves as the better way and influence the ones who are there, still able to be influenced.

Think about a mountain stream that is dry one minute but then engorged with rushing water if anywhere upstream has overflowed, like in monsoon season. WE ARE that water and we may be looking at something dry as a bone but that 100% does not mean it will stay that way, or even that it won’t change in the blink of an eye, like with flooding. Our impact is growing and becoming and getting ready to engorge and do something real big.

But we got steps still to get us there and we have to keep moving forward, straddling the world we want, while we shift away from the world that we want to STOP in its tracks. We must hold both words — live and see both worlds — and hold them tightly because from one we create the other. And we are so in this, that we can’t drop the ball now. We have to be the Nurse and do the jobs and go through the steps and DO IT RIGHT.

This is the thing. We are facing things where we have to go the extra mile but it is the correct thing to do. This also may mean you have to face something that is a short cut or a compromise and there will be a decision to be made where you value yourself or what you are working for so that the extra mile, or waiting, or not jumping into this so quickly is the ONLY way to go — knowing that getting solid grounding FIRST is how we best grow our food.

If we just throw the seeds out into the yards and not prepare or work the soil for the process of their unveiling and eventual harvest, they won’t grow. The grass or weeds will overpower any of the strong ones that could actually take root. So it does not pay to just throw the seeds out there and not actually have a soil of visions for how you dream for this to play out.

Again, in the energy we are seeing that the PROCESS, and often the slow and painful ones, are where we discover the magic that connects us deeply. So things being hard work, like farmers know best, IS worth it, and we have it in us now to get that, so that it does move us forward, taking care of the details and really opening our eyes and our minds to seeing how we affect others and how we can just up our game and start showing ourselves in better ways.

Through the healing, the facing, the honest appraisal of what we have attracted, we see how we are still hurting inside and angry at the world and pissed that this is happening and upset that we have to correct this. BUT. It is what it is and that is what the Nurse knows. Kali knows it. We know it. The unfortunate does not need any more negativity. It needs whatever help we can give it so that it can then grow and blossom and REBIRTH into what it always wanted to be.

MUCH LIKE YOU AND ME. We give ourselves a chance to start over. Let’s give the rest of the world a chance to rebirth and come back from the death as the most powerful phoenix rising. We all got it in us and we are ready to serve and do our part! There is a lot to do so, one thing at a time BUT it is time to do something.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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