friday (29 november) – Resist all things that try to bring you down. DREAM for better.

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Stand strong in your energy

And carry on.

No one else knows better than you

On a day like today.

well hello F R I D A Y!

Okay then! Here we really see the big shifts occurring, where we are, BECAUSE of what started yesterday. I was not kidding that yesterday imprints how things go for us throughout the next few days — and with what we will be magnetizing.

I am seeing things feeling SO ENLIGHTENED where we are coming together and there is this new passion rising with confidence that we ARE onto something and that we are waking up with more fight in our spirits and not so much of a collapsing feeling, thinking we can’t figure this out or we are too doomed for repair.

We now are looking into the trash and seeing what we can make better and recycle and use again in a more innovative way. This means we are going back to things and giving them a chance, but from this change in who WE are. This is like how we are changing and the things out in the world are FORCED, like gravity, to go along with that. This is like poverty mentality and how it magnetizes struggles your way. Yet abundance mentality draws in the money in absolute relation to the loose trust being held.

And we can’t help but get things now in how we need to rebuild that, face this, come up with a solution for that, and ultimately KEEP THIS GOING.

We need to activate a new mode in our bodies that just keeps at it and doesn’t fall into those STOP points where then we lose faith and turn around or give up on ourselves or feel the energy of others and their opinions and have that turn you back, like an adult steering you to do something THEY want you to do — where your control is taken and you have to just go along.

When we were children, we did. But now we MUST activate this mode that thinks of BOUNCING with the stops where you are moved by them, grow passion from them, feel ignited by them, but DO NOT give up on yourself or your dreams BECAUSE OF THEM. That is our old way. That is how we were conditioned and manipulated to be.

At this point of our journey we are being given stops ONLY for the purpose of getting us to bounce, glide, shift, or flow into something else that possibly could feel better. And it is with the intent and belief IN SELF that, of course, we will never be stopped as there are NO endings, ever.

Transformation is ALWAYS what is happening – look at how different every single one of you is over the past few years from things that were ending that felt like they were death and nothing more. Yet, here you still stand. As a stone tumbling along and changing shape as things hit you, but never being stopped fully — or so you see as time passes and notice the changes that have taken place.

You have WOKE to the max and where you need to learn right now is with not letting resistance stop you or fool you into believing “maybe you were wrong.” There is NOTHING wrong about what you know!! And inside your body, all things that stop you are ultimately when you need to turn on your detective and stay aware of how this is shifting you or letting you know that another way is there if you keep looking.

We are being given big warnings with this day that RESISTANCE IS HERE  — bringing feelings of sadness, depression, low hope for things – and you just need to be aware and activate this new mode in you. Like – imagine you are turning a switch, like the food processor with low, medium, or high. Consider this a HIGH day. TURN IT UP and get ready to chop down all resistance on the way to YOU making HUGE — and DIFFFERENT — HEADWAY in your life. 

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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