Friday (3 january) – Look for the love and it will be there.

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We have been looking for a fight.

Now we need to be looking for love.

well hello F R I D A Y!

Whew. Okay then! Here comes a shift! Something came as an exhale and the indication was given that we have passed some important test or some halfway point or perilous bend around a mountain’s edge. We will feel and breathe as if WE GOT THIS.

And honestly it was the sealing of your leak from yesterday. The line was shown being drawn for us where an old pathway was no longer going to have easy access for us – and it is for our good. Already, today, you will notice something smells different or feels different. I’m getting the sensation of mingling seasons, like when it is winter but it suddenly smells or feels like spring. Some sort of nostalgic feeling is bringing us this feeling that something has changed or we are inspired to keep with it and not give up on ourselves.

Our words are TRULY changing as, right now, we can feel that we don’t want to bash ourselves or beat ourselves up inside. Something is feeling like it is releasing, from this perspective of getting older and wiser, where we don’t really remember when we changed, but we just start operating different.

And the ways we talk about the steps of a process are changing in us and I want you to start noticing it. Notice that the challenges and the tests are more doable in your mind, like when you are moving and you just have to do what is on the list to do, like there is no way around it.

Inside you will notice that you don’t feel as weakened or overcome – like no more caving into the challenges of life. Instead, let’s willingly come towards them and see how they intend to make us stronger. Because they always do. They always toughen us up in facing things straight. Although sometimes we do get too tough from them, only when we leave them unresolved.

We are going to be thinking about how to resolve things so that words unspoken do not remain, keeping reality from reaching each other’s hearts. Miscommunications are why most of us are in tangles.

Not many of us are upfront and honest about what or who hurt us to the point we work to solve it or make it better. We tend to only talk about it and make it worse through spreading the toxin of how wrong it is.

But we certainly can work towards taking the wound and getting it healed or brought into focus and accountability. To talk things through is 100% required. And on the spectrum of the stages of grief and how they are unique and defined in their energetic force — they also are a part of the whole healing process.

It is the space we are in and have been, where we are feeling the pain of others or seeing examples that show us other perspectives that are often even harder than what we face. This is getting us to not judge each other. To not so quickly war with each other and demand that others are all wrong. We have been looking for a fight and now we have to be looking to see love.

Because, what we are inside, is what we will be looking for. If we are in war with ourselves, we need someone to show us the way to love. And there the healing journey begins. But NOWHERE is there the need to shame, blame, or guilt the process. The stages of grief are real. And last year most people were in anger or depression or denial.

This year we move into acceptance that is motivated to do something more. To wear the battle scars like a boss instead of thinking they were only to break us down. I know that how I talk is sort of mainstream now, but when I first came forward everyone was so in love with how vulnerable and honest I was. And I do feel like people who stepped out there and did that sort of sharing of their “mistakes” led the way for how we are now very open about it all.

And now we are to go another level of rising above what OTHERS did to hurt us – and how we hold that in our body — and still find the way to make it so that we are winning here and all of this, in some particular way, plays a part in us getting stronger and wiser. The pieces can feel mysterious but when it all comes together we see how one thing led to another.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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