friday vibes (28 june) — just think you can and you will

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If you believe you are

A money magnet.

And that you CAN handle

Your way out of any challenge.

Then the world is your oyster.

And your pearls await.

Good morning, love! So here we are in our 3rd 1 – 2 – 8 day of the year and tomorrow we have a day that we haven’t even seen yet this year. So, as I’ve let you know through research over the years, this day comes with some sort of punch, but essentially what is happening is that it is moving something else along, so the down that comes ALWAYS has this up that follows. It’s why on these days I just say flow and go because how it starts is not how it ends and all devastations somehow turn into inspirations. It’s a wait and see sort of day.

Now. First thing with this day, we are in some sort of portal space that deals with us associating money with our feelings of self-worth. So if we don’t think we are all that, then we don’t have a lot of faith in our self to move monetary mountains. 

Thinking you can handle something means you WILL. And in our world we now need to leap over to this other lily pad, in making a big change that honors ourselves and places value on our decisions that WE need to make. But getting us to the leap means we have to have this energy inside where we DO really believe in ourselves and even though we know we ALL are so flawed and damaged by things from our past, we are still here, doing the work.

No matter how far we still have to go, we are THIS FAR NOW. And we are further down the road than we were. So valuing ourselves also means we don’t belittle or judge our life process so cruelly. I’ve always loved people who can say NO to an opportunity. Most people will say YES and try to make it work, grateful that it arrived on their path. But when people say NO it’s coming from a sense of value and the belief that there IS enough to go around and for some reason this is not coming through as a definite YES.

Saying NO is always about honoring self and what you really ARE feeling inside about what is presenting. We have learned to overextend ourselves, and it comes from thinking we are not valuable enough to turn something down and wait for the better.

This space is really important because it’s essential that we make this connection and see how we can turn things around so quickly just by remembering that what leads this is OUR OWN FEELINGS of if we can handle the challenges or get out of debt or manifest a sustainable life from our creative gifts. ALL of those have secret passageways that open when WE value ourselves and KNOW we can figure this stuff out. 

So we shift into knowing we must apply discipline to the dream and dream to the discipline. We must work on the Earthly plane as we put our pieces together, plant our seeds, and build something that means something to us. But we also must sit in fairy tale land and dream for how wonderfully all of this will grow into something sustainable and true, in the same way we look at our babies and see them growing into something spectacular. 

We work on the Earthly to give them the tools, support, and foundation and then we dream in the Ethers for how their lives will be better because of the work and dedication we apply at all steps of their journey. This also goes with business startups, new relationships, or big projects that take years to execute. We must stick with it and know each step matters but we also must sail our dreams with wings of hope for all the badass things we are gonna do because of the groundwork we lay down now. We must always pump ourselves up for the great dedication to our better lives, while we continue to roll our balls forward and continue on path to something greater than us.

Something lights us up now and we are ON IT. Ground in the plans and go step by step. DO NOT change because others want you to. This time is about you knowing what is best and staying firm on that until it is followed. 

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day


PULL BACK TO PROCESS.One week after the Full Moon we shift into a two week period of inward focus. This first week is where we just pull back to see what we understand better about the last two weeks of movement. This is almost like a retrograde because it pulls you inward and you can feel like you are going backwards – even though you are not. Just as the plant is not going backwards in the winter while underground – but rather it is the inward that comes before the next outward. A resting space. So rest and be okay with this. We are SELF CENTERED right now so don’t expect others to see you because they are focused on themselves – processing.

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Thinking about stability. Thinking of your value. Slowing down. Feeling stubborn/stuck.



numerology vibration

1: Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

8: Hold the Galactic Vision!  Be positive and keep your eyes on the horizon. What you are putting out there is coming RIGHT BACK your way!



THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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