Gemini Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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Okay then! This will for sure be felt as a big shift in your life where suddenly things are falling BACK into place and into a pattern where you feel like you ARE serving a purpose and being supported for the things that are your authentic gifts.

You are going to be COMING OUT of something and snapping awake again because of someone or something with your career shifting that ushers in something that will keep you busy. So the fog you have been in or the mental spaces that have kept you with detective work in trying to uncover what needs to be done to bring in more balance — so that worrying or fears are not LEADING ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING — are going to lighten their load as the answers finally DO come. And this will build you up to be taking back your power and manifesting better things for yourself FROM within your mental system.

You WERE kind of put into a testing space to make you sit and wonder for a while, to allow your mind to show you how it DOES handle things that are out of balance or not producing what your mind expects to be seeing.

And you can go super low and see all that play out, but you also can go super high and see all that play out. And sometimes life gets so heavy that we forget to see the super high as trying to figure our way OUT of the super low keeps us, unfortunately, in even more super low.

So we get STUCK in this mental battle space where we think we are the smarter, but we end up real confused and likely insecure from staying fixated into the mystery and not allowing it to just BE a mystery. Life is a different kind of challenge for Gemini because of this need to know everything. And in honoring of life cycles and even with Ancient Wisdom, things are to be held until a specific time, for gateways to open and shifts to occur. Much like how we can’t make the moon go faster and get to the next full moon sooner than what is 100% on schedule. Same with baby growing in the belly.

BUT because you are so good at remembering everything and being this database you always seek to fill it and feed it and will get down on yourself or question yourself if you are not keeping up with this. And it wears the Gemini out. All older, wiser, healers or teacher beings I know that are Gemini ALL FIRST express what a challenge it is. They ALL know it is not easy to be built this way, that SEEMS to be such a gift. You all know I have Pisces Sun ruling my Gemini house and I can’t remember anything and have the most empty database there is. I go to YOU for the answer. I cherish my Gemini friends as the ones I GO TO.  

So this time is ultimately getting you to be like your wiser self who knows your mind needs constant watching and calming and repositioning and WAY more meditation and yoga to be able to hold the gifts you possess and not let them burn you out. Like, I give and give in my career and I am BUILT to do this with my Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon. But it also could be the death of me as before Moon Bear died I was a 24 hour café ready to serve anyone who needed my help and assistance – and it wasn’t sustainable, but I chased it and tried to make it work. So I had to relearn my value, learn to say NO and allow the room for self-care and it being OKAY to take a break, rest and not stay fixated on trying to be there for everyone else.

So. You face the same situation where how you operate now can have you beating yourself up, being very judgmental or choosing for things that are like the death of you, or the diminishing of your power.

BUT NO MORE. And when you find your way out of this space, you will surrender when things feel stuck and decide to make a change and do something else, TRUSTING that spirit will bring you what you need when you really need it. You will be freeing up your life by giving your attention to where it really needs to be and then seeing that all the stuck gets to moving on its own anyway.

Where you release, you will finally gain the answers, the pieces, the movement you have been longing for. A shift is coming. RELAX and trust this clearing and letting go space. There is something behind the scenes that YOU need to face and it deals with YOU choosing for you and putting your dreams center stage where they CAN manifest. Don’t just follow along because you may be good at it. A unique song from your soul needs to reach the light and its only to be found when you surrender into the unknown and allow it to show on its own.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how others have influenced me to follow along and give of my gifts where I am not valuing my worth. I step into a new pattern where I take time in retreat and surrender into the mystery trusting that when I need to know I will know, and if I don’t need to know I can let it go. I give myself permission to go with the flow of this process, KNOWING I will get to my destination as the best version of myself.



Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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