Leo Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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Things are coming as perfectly timed blessings that show you the work IS worth it and that committing to things with heart and soul DOES pay off. Things are changing for you in regards to how you will be balancing your home and work, but this change comes from changes going on around you that deal with your creative gifts or something that you are sharing or communicating about.

And I am seeing flowers growing from this spot to the point you are rethinking something that you THOUGHT you were going to stick with. But now something will have you wanting to go deeper and get more answers to make sure that this foundation is solid and fully honoring of you in the long run.

There is something where you are matching with things that show your inner sense of value. And this is to get you feeling confident about going into darker and heavier situations, where as your nature tends to normally run from those and try to be a smile no matter what.

But something awakens you at this time to seeing that it is through the dark and challenging times that you have become the special person that you are now. And this will get you thinking about giving back through your career or something where there is joy in sharing what you REALLY KNOW and what is fun for you to get on with.

You also will be thinking about how to recreate yourself out in the world or to hold the world in a way that reboots you into starting over with how you live your life today. This can be something like with a big move or just waking up and it shifting your focus. These shifts of perception happen in our life, but they only happen a few times!

And you are in a space where you get to choose again and rewrite this story, holding all the wisdom of the past, but now going back to gain strength in going forward with more dedication and determination to get this right. This means you may feel kind of emotional and nostalgic and feeling triggered and touched by things that otherwise maybe wouldn’t affect you and it is to reposition your path or to get you waking up in some way. It is not a mistake!

And with the feelings are also coming a dedication in your mind spaces to really figure this out and find hope in doing the creative things that you love to do, find strength in NOT GIVING UP until they are manifesting, even if it is a slow journey from seed to finally eating this thing. You should be feeling a new air blowing through and it’s just opening you to wisdom that you are a creator and that you DO get to start over, and also share the wisdom of that journey. You are to keep upgrading and becoming and sharing better aspects of yourself as you grow and learn.

Now you may also feel like things are blocked out in the world or not moving in the ways that you wanted. Maybe you are looking back and thinking you agreed to something but now are seeing that your value system was just like hungry like a wolf and maybe not coming from a higher place that would have asked for more or asked more questions – going deeper than superficial layers.

What is blocked needs a more unique tone of YOU in it. And its where you have followed along and are not keeping it real in the level of what you can share. So the block is to crack you open and from there you feel touched and vulnerable –and THEN some solution to get more light on you will appear. It’s funny like that!

But the block is just to get you showing more of your truth in knowing to the core of you that you DO deserve to be seen so that it just automatically happens. You sit RIGHT THERE so close to getting it. And when you do, your open sign will turn on. But dig deep into your mind to see where you are, or ARE NOT, allowing a new story and start over to take place – maybe through shame, blame or guilt.

Because the start over IS there for the taking, if you decide to create it in your mind. What others have told you or shown you to be the truth is not necessarily all there is that is available. And THAT is the battle for you to overcome. You need to rewrite YOUR story, and not through the lens of what you are programmed to be. It is OKAY to step out of line.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how others have gotten me to operate in ways they expect me to be. I decide today to write the story different where I go for and expect things that support and value the real me.  I’m starting over and planting seeds of high value into all that I long to bring into manifestation in my future. I have a dream and I believe I will hold this in my reality, therefore, I commit to this fully.


Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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