Libra Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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Oh! I like this! You are to keep at “pushing your agenda”, whatever that means, in that YOU need to step confidently forward towards all decisions that feel like they do need to be made — and then something inside of you will move you to do them.

You are in a special space as of NOW where you can take what you have experienced in your past and start something over brand new again where you DO figure it out. You are to delve with honor into the pieces that take you into darker spaces and you are to believe with your thoughts and words that it ALL can be done, be overcome and be healed.

A feeling you have will surprise you, actually, because this is a strength growing and determination that maybe you haven’t felt inside before. But this brings clarity and things will come to you that are healing based that shift you in a heartbeat where you see you have been clutching to some mentality or thought or belief, and now you see how it tangled you up into walking a life that was not your own, or of your choosing. It’s rare times like this where you will be able to connect things that are patterns, thus when they change, everything outside of you will change. So, this is big.

And it was because things were inflicted your way, and darkness brought to places where you thought FOR SURE there would be light, that you now sit a bit wounded and unsure what to believe. BUT. What you can believe is that you GOT THIS and can rebuild this better. I feel things CAN feel a bit heavy and it may at times overwhelm you as you untangle a mess, but you just need to keep at it, keep doing one thing at a time, and soon enough you are going to feel solid again. Each idea that comes, and there will be MANY, will solidify this new energy in your life where you are about starting it over and plotting out a new garden to live life from.

And your power is in your mind right now, so you will need some wake up calls in regards to allowing it to hold anything negative. The gift of the day is that when you DO stay hopeful and really keep your thoughts leaning to the positive, even if what you see feels so heavy and complex and WAY MORE than you want to deal with – if you can at least stay positive with your words and thoughts you will see quick changes and things that really do show you that you are in control here.

The energies are bringing in opportunities for you to ground your life down solid, breaking THROUGH all limitation, and growing your veggies deep. This energy is to get you soaring in regards to your confidence that YOU CAN figure this out and that the ideas are just waiting for you to settle down into them. It is when you get uncertain that you go bipolar in your mind and think maybe you are so wrong, wrong, wrong.

And waffling there truly is just from wounded things from others who got you operating in some space of wonderment. They experienced it, so maybe you will too? And this energy is about YOU breaking on through and waking to your value so that you can create something that is FROM YOUR CORE and actually destined to soar.

But it’s got to be the real of you and the raw of you and the wounded healer of you. So wherever you are on journey to sharing those parts of yourself, you still must always speak in hopeful and growth expanding ways. You must be kinder to yourself inside even if things do feel out of your control. STILL there is something here for you to learn that is bettering you for your future life. It is not a mistake!!

GIVE kindness to those things you are and have done in your past, because they really had to be in order to get you to this place now. So love on you and see what comes out of you in the form of creativity that really WILL sustain you. There is something with your creative gifts or awakened sense of value that will get you writing a better story – that WILL manifest, my love.

And NOW we see what gets in the way of that vision. And NOW we see that you are ready to get to creating a better space. It’s time to TOTALLY REBOOT and start over again on YOUR TERMS, my love. And that means you need to pluck out the old world genetically modified plants that you still tend to and call your own.

What do you really want to grow and eat? Like, you can plan that now. What sort of 4 month goal would you like to sit and play around with? Because you really do need to sit and play in a vision of the Phoenix rising into something that only the depth of your soul can describe just yet. But if you allow it to speak it will tell you something. Allow it to speak. 

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how others have gotten me to keep my thoughts and visions hidden behind the light of what was expected of me. I peek into where I was not allowed to be and I give it the love that I never did get to see. This is my time to rise into a new form and I call it out from the depth of me. I accept the challenges, and I will overcome, but GET THERE I will as I know it can be done.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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