monday (16 september) — Life has not passed you by.

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Life has not passed you by

You just aren’t there yet.

Slow down and

Get back into the flow

Of now.

Life is HERE.

Good morning sweet loves! So here we are again and something got into us yesterday that lingers even stronger. And it’s not that we feel defeated, it’s just that we feel low that we HAVE to rise in the ways we do, that we have to defend the consciousness movement, that we have to be questioned or explain things even. It’s just sad that things feel so unsolvable and out of balance and with people HUGELY buying into illusion and a total eclipse of reality.

There is something going on that really lets us know that we ALL have to be in this now and that escaping is not an option when you think of only having 1 year of life. We are being moved to think short term because we need to take this moment more seriously as all of us have wasted too much life already and it is the main reason we beat ourselves up. So we criticize ourselves for not doing but then we still don’t do – which keeps us doubling back on the path of our dreams. It turns us around BECAUSE we take the painful feeling it give us and then we shame ourselves and, in some way, RUN from the feeling.

And ultimately the feeling was just to inspire a corrected movement towards solving something. This week we are learning to not take a confusing looking thing and turn it into something negative, based on what our programming has led us to believe. So we will face things that maybe feel challenging but all we are being asked is to give peace a chance, to give the good a chance, to give things a chance to be better than what they were or what others told you they could be. We are learning to tip the glass to half full and to EXPECT that this will work out and that, in some way, we will find our Kali tools and save the day.

From that perspective we are loaded and good to go. But the programming never told us about that perspective. We have been kept in the dark about the 90% we CAN still manifest as our reality. But until the two-fold is in place, the dreaming AND the doing, we keep turning around on the path and losing faith once again, and again, and again.

BUT THIS WEEK something stops us from following a dead end. We are DONE. Finally. And now the work really begins. Expect to be looking into something dark and heavy today but don’t make it into something you can’t face and instead see it like a new order to process in your shop – it’s a job to do, it’s not a job to judge. So maybe huge amounts of orders come in and you are overloaded but it’s a job that SHOULD be enjoyed while doing, even if it’s tedious and time consuming. This is what our Farmers are talking about now as they are getting no sleep at harvest – but they do need to enjoy it while it’s here because it will be winter in no time flat and they will MISS being in the fields.

Something today also has us jumping and making quick moves or decisions around thinking that life has passed you by. So we may be doing risky things, where before we were too shy to make the move but we are getting bolder in not messing around – because, with only 1 year left of life, is feeling insecure and letting something pass you by worth it?

In thinking short term, our LEAP is going to be swift and direct, so get ready to see that holding back or turning around or doubting yourself is NOT what you have time for in your limited and valuable schedule.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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