monday (2 december) – You are going places. You can trust this.

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You are redesigning yourself.

And the old you

Had to do all those things

To create the desire

For the new

That now sits in your dreams.

well hello M O N D A Y!


For some reason we KNOW that what we are in right now or about to create or share or come together with IS important.

Because of this, most of you will be doing your best work now, where you will be shown images of times past where you did choose for something wrong, that you thought was so right back then. And honestly – this can be all over the place in your life because it can be where you are seeing into friendships, career choices, and romance – and where you WERE, even if it was a few weeks ago, is not where you are now.

That is what is changing us to really pay attention because we just did a LEAP OF EVOLUTIONARY GROWTH and where we stand today is not where we stood just a little while ago. And that is having a profound effect on us seeing how quickly things change but also opening our minds to WHO KNOWS??????

Like. Ultimately we just have to trust ourselves and realize we are doing the best that we can, but DUDE. We are changing so quickly and this is making our past NOT make sense as to what we thought was our defined reality. We also can be seeing this out in the world and this is good! People are waking up from the programming, which then allows them to look within and do their healing work.

But YOU ALL are beyond mainstream so you are eons ahead of the game and have been healing for a while now. And for that reason your value system is on the rise, even if you aren’t seeing the outside match up just yet, INSIDE there is a feeling getting you to keep with things, keep digging, and keep going for the answer.

We also learn that an answer given today may not be the same answer we would give 3 months from now — and THAT’S OKAY. This expansion of our awareness is also having us more patient and supportive of our individual processes BECAUSE the decisions we made wrong in life were only made because our value was not established and our patience or expectancy of things was coming from scarcity.

So we say yes to things because we are sort of desperate to get them and then they are a total NO down the road. But they do teach us to love and value ourselves more so that we DON’T say yes to those things later.

But you see how we have to not beat ourselves up or hold ourselves in the past where we did do so much wrong. We are being tested to see if we can hold that which we messed up — and not bash ourselves inside or frazzle out because we feel overwhelmed that it can’t be made right.

All that needs to be made right is that we lighten up on choices we made and realities we created because we were wounded, misprogrammed, and manipulated to be this way. Just softening on self allows the other way to present, the answer to rise, the shift to take place. Our biggest problems come because we want to be perfect and the best and flawless.

So we chase the unreality of that and stay confused, but softening to your truth and the rough edges that got you to this point is what shifts the journeys forward in a better way.

When you forgive yourself and have compassion for what you did wrong that you wish you could do better, you DO better in your future. When you don’t forgive yourself and are ashamed for how wrong you got it, you don’t allow yourself to be free to do better in the future because the shame is like an anchor to your dreams.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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