Monday (23 december) – Working for the better life. One step at a time.

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Those tight walls

Will end up ahead

And like a free bird

You will fly.

well hello M O N D A Y!

And yes, my loves, today is a bit like yesterday as this lingers in our space, as we feel this thing that hits us and consumes us – and where we just don’t know what to do to get this into better position. Sit quietly with that yearning, as if you are simmering something because YOU ARE. We are going through some sort of tunnel space that isn’t that long but where you will be hyper-aware of your environment, as if in a tunnel and feeling the walls around you, and also where you are looking for a solution or a way out or a way to get into a better groove of a space.

We all want to leave the past right now. We want certain things completely gone from our space, and the PAIN of what is wrong can feel like the worst thing ever BECAUSE that thing maybe is the worst thing ever for your future life that awaits, that next year you WILL manifest. It is wrong because it is wrong but we now need to focus, not on how wrong it is, but rather how right OUR ELEVATED VALUE SYSTEMS need things to be. As if we are privileged and can expect that our needs will be met – no matter what kind of painful situation life delivers us.

So. DEMAND that things be better. Stand your ground. Speak up. Make a stink. Go outside of the lines, but please, BE TRUE TO YOU. You know more than anyone around you. You are the wisest one in the group – FOR YOU. For them, who knows? But for you, the person to trust and listen to is YOU.

The old world wanted you to forget that you are a master and fully equipped to get up all mountains and to always do the correct thing that takes all into consideration. You forget that you are never alone and that the future to fear is never reality because you got the tools and will know what to do when you are called to use them.

We awaken to our tools in 2020, thus we all propel ourselves into a life of authenticity. The fake and the fronts and the exploitations of the true kind souls who deserve to be valued will clash against the rising value of the Rainbow Tribe incarnated here and now to bring the love of the healing, like Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lennon, before it is actually here.

We lose life because we say, oh I will be happy when I have a man, or my career, or my preferred body size. And not before do we allow ourselves – because we seek for something that we think is the ideal, when we ultimately just want to get out of where we are right now.

But in the tunnel, WE MUST BE. We must sit here and move along and learn the ways of what is in this deep energy that we need to see about whatever. It is a time to have faith and trust that your soul, that has incarnated numerous times before and lived out this Earth Walk experience before, is now here to learn and do better — so might as well pay attention and learn and organically get to the better you dream of seeing.

We were conditioned to stay stuck. And only because we couldn’t handle the sitting in the situation and feeling it through until it became a different feeling. We run, escape, and move out of the discomfort when, in fact, just like giving birth, the experience of discomfort somehow brings us life, it wakes us up, it gets us NEXT wanting to do so much more.

When the tides change, WE FLY HIGH. And we look back and feel grateful for how far we have come and what we learned along the way. So don’t push your life. Don’t forcep your future. Allow it to birth on its own, KNOWING that if things hurt right now GOOOOOOOODDDD!!!! That is a good sign!!! That means baby is coming!! That means new cycle, new thing, new groove, new and wonderful is just around these mighty tight walls of the vagina.

Find your Rainbow Tribe privilege and remember that you are here to HEAL and to heal, we set something in motion towards something that is out of balance that needs to be put into better balance.

We stand before the dreams we wish to manifest and it is our faith that moves them along to become what we wished for. See the light up ahead but walk each step present because there IS something here for you to awaken to. And it’s a key factor you DO want to take with you into 2020.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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