monday (23 september) – Watch out for the grumpy pants.

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The choice is yours today.

Lead by example

And lead knowing they will follow.

well hello M O N D A Y!

Okay, so the test of yesterday MAY be lingering still today for some of you but keep with this. We are coming together with others as we can’t seem to avoid people at this time, AND they are SUPER crabby or unstable about things, like they don’t want to move over when you are merging in the lane or you will see people making snappy and dramatic moves, like something lets us know that people are in bad moods today.

BUT. YOU have other plans. I want you to be compassionate with those people in that you are not to fall into old ways of responding that ultimately pull you into the energy of what they are feeling. So today can be about having stronger boundaries where you are able to do your thing, to SING your thing, and to not always feel so rocked by others who are losing their cool on the daily. Yes they are around you but now you know that you don’t have to take that on and make it your day, too.

THE choice is yours today as YOU have the way to do it better or to temper the situation or to start over with someone or something so that you don’t keep getting the same old negative results. The power is in you to walk some new path in a different way today.

We also are in the realm of relationships where all those people around us are giving us NEW FEELS INSIDE. This will feel stronger when the shift hits us later today or tomorrow, but there is an urgency in protecting our space or doing what we can to surround ourselves with nurturing forces and people who flow harmoniously with us. Part of the irritation people are expressing is because they are NOT around people who feed their soul as we have instead taken the programmed way in life and are living smaller, thus we accept less than, thus we don’t really exert the energy to go for the big dreams in life. BUT the irritation is just like the gas light coming on, letting you know that you need to do something about this. It’s a reminder.

This comes as a message – for one, that you need to take this into consideration with others’ behavior but also that reminders just mean DO THIS and not analyze again and worry about and fret over and turn into something way more dramatico than it really is. It means my clothes don’t fit the way I want them to so what can I do to change that? Or, my home doesn’t look as good as I want it to so what can I do to change that? It’s like YES I don’t like this, — and instead of then ripping it to shreds, we resiliently, with our Kali essence, stand up and say, “What can I do to change this then? Me no likey? Then what is there that I can do to make a difference so that I DO feel safe and okay here and NOT with warning alarms or gas lights constantly coming on?”

So observe others and feel how they feel but use your control to steer yourself towards pastures that DO feel good to you. It’s like we can sleep with the windows open in winter and shiver every minute of the night or we can get up and close the windows, take care of ourselves, and give what we need to feel safe and protected. And you think you don’t but you are constantly sleeping with those windows open and shivering and keeping yourself from getting the rest you need so that you can express your soul in its blossomed light. You are too tired to be your real self, because of all the ways you have compromised your TRUE FEELINGS when you really just should have said NO. 

The feelings rising in you are guiding you to firmly assert what they are saying no matter what ANYONE has said or done before. There ARE things soft and nurturing and supportive to our souls – and for some reason the more we say NO, in honoring our spaces and our sanity, even if sharply going against the grain, the more we attract what loves on us – as a sign that the love we discover inside blossoms when we say NO and stand firm in what we believe in BECAUSE OF the feelings they give us WITHIN.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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