monday (25 november) – Who is ready to spring alive again! Getty up!

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That was then

This is now

Go create

A dream that will wow

well hello M O N D A Y!

Okay sweet beauties. I am SO excited for this New Moon but do know that this one BUILDS and it is like the pressure that gets a volcano to go off. We will release our lava soon, but until then SOMETHING is going on beneath the surface. FOR SURE. And it is palpable.

I just had this huge awakening about how, because of my childhood, I now LOOK for people to not like me or I focus on them first. It came in a session with my therapist, Ruby Jo, where I said, well, I need to accept that there will always be people who hate me and she said, maybe you don’t need to accept that anymore. And I was like, OH WOW. Maybe I don’t need to give attention to that even being anything at all. Maybe discussing that in a session doesn’t need to be a part of the script I look for others to play out for me now.

Because, truthfully, if you didn’t grow up seeing that, you wouldn’t give it so much attention and EXPECT it to be a part of how things are going to play out.

But what you see, you expect and what you are imprinted with, you follow. What you are fed, you become. We are simple little computers, taking on conditioning with each flutter of our eyelashes and each new piece of data that hits our awareness. We shift and transform from each thing coming our way.

The path that created WHERE WE ARE NOW, due to the conditioning of others or programming that steered us into a certain direction, BLOWS APART in our minds where, just like me, a few words set me free to see that I AM giving this my attention, SEEING what I saw and FOCUSING there, in a way. Or at least seeing that first – because I know it so well and it’s palpable.

Now the ways this energy will blow your mind open, in the most life altering ways, will be unique to you. Where you were stopped and held back, the gates are getting ready to FLY THE FUCK OPEN! But listen here!

The rise that is coming will be SUPER CHARGED because of the lengthy “consuming states” that all humans have been taken into IN PREPARATION for 2020. All that funks you up NEEDS to be smelt out and discovered. All that is not real about you and only a lofty concept needs to be discovered.

And. Upon release, transmutation, or transformation, the gate opens and you will SPRING ALIVE again. So we all are getting ready to show ourselves, REAL and exalted. Each one of us will rise in reflection to how low we were taken into the recent painful spaces in our lives — and how much strength we discovered from it.

FINALLY it pays off to be in the gutter and to go through all that suffering and confusion. You all know I was in the gutter for over a decade before I finally launched my business but I AM who I am because of learning my way through all those painful life experiences. I was just lofty air and beautiful concepts before that happened. Being taken into the trenches prepared me so that my vibration is the walk of the talk.

You now get to walk your way out of the flow of the past months or several years and your talk will change because of it. But appreciate the passion inside of you that sees how NOW life is WAY more valuable to you and your voice is WAY more ready to be directed towards the life you DREAM of living. Enough of seeing the haters and the negativity, SEE THE LOVE and the dream for better days for us all. Because a new day is HERE and it’s waiting for us to create it better than what we saw in our past and know way too well.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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