Monday (30 december) – This energy is for our good! You can trust all the feels.

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Remove the toxin

And you get your life back.

well hello M O N D A Y!

Oh wow — Many people are feeling pain today as they are full on into their past and into fears that are so familiar because THESE are the ones that really run deep. And the next few days, or really this week, we need to be aware of this energy that feels like it is pushing us down – that we will LIKELY misinterpret.

So how this goes is that we all have things we need to see – and it’s why you will be noticing me encouraging you all to get into therapy and to find a kickass authority above you to hold YOU accountable. You need the correct therapist for you – you need your person, who is there to set you straight.

And this energy is like a therapist has come in to bring pressure to what we need to see that is a big habit and pattern of ours but it deals with our programming and ALSO our karmic lessons – as IN we have done this in our past and are learning specific lessons that come up once again for us to do them better.

So the pressure is a blessing as we are being fine-tuned and picked apart to disassemble and remove the toxic beliefs or ideas we took on that now have us feeling shortchanged in life.

This is why people feel let down and cheated, even though they don’t really know why they feel the way they do or what to do about it. And it’s like when I found out all my problems were food allergies and when I cut those things out, like lemon and vanilla, my body went back to normal. But with them in me I was inflamed, and inflammation leads to illness.

So we need to see what we are allergic to where we have just adapted around that allergy. I COULD have just accepted the red face, tons of extra weight, and migraines – but instead I got to the root of the problem of WHY these uncomfortable symptoms were showing up in my life. We are getting to the bottom of what gets us acting out in ways that are not our true form – and it’s because we took on something that maybe felt right back then, or it worked back then, but now it just doesn’t. And we need to accept this.

THAT is why many of you feel let down. The improvements to be made may feel too impossible or with too many steps to them, but the energy is saying that we are seeing this all wrong and we just need to be grateful and humble with what we need to see and upgrade and level up in regards.

What we are is what we will attract and it’s what I loved learning most in therapy. Like, if I want to change who comes into my life, I have to change things inside of me that attract them to me. And we all have to do this with things we are attracting. We have to face facts that where we were dented and mishandled we continue to buy into the wound and that we deserved this or could have done something to change this or are now ruined because of this.

Now, none of that is true. It is just the weave of the web of life as we come upon each other in order to heal what is fractured inside of us. Sometimes OUR LOVE is what hate has to clash up against in order to rise and, witnessing that hate, we see how we too have hated on others and judged them because someone imprinted us to do so. We are constantly learning as we batter up against each other but, when we do learn, things shift and the things coming our way match the growth we hold.

  1. This time is interesting because we aren’t getting past the tough spots until we deal with them and open to WANTING them to shift – not just the shaming and blaming them for being wrong – but working to WANT them to shift into something better.

This energy is being created to give us this special feeling for the New Year. It is why we ALL will do everything to have the best 2020. And it’s because of the stress and trauma of 2019, now coming to an end where we seem to feel it all. Those feels are guiding you home. So trust this unusual time, knowing step by step by step the view IS going to change for us soon.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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