Tuesday (31 december) – You will figure this out.

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Hindsight is the vision

that creates your better year.

If you create it,

they will come.

well hello T U E S D A Y!

Okay babies! In comes a big energy that will have you with strong feelings where you can think you are losing it and just can’t do this drama thing anymore. Be aware that we don’t have to get slapped down by the waves of others’ tsunamis – and it comes from us recognizing the pain underneath their aggression and that they are hurting inside, so they show it on the outside – and why do you have to get defensive about that? You only do when a wound inside of you is triggered when they show their pain – because you have similar pain.

We now go through a leap of evolutionary growth, like through a gateway where all is changed, and it’s about us seeing through the eyes of pain and how WE DO lash out when we are hurt even though we know it does no good.

We KNOW acting out is acting dramatic about something that IS upsetting us and in need of healing and correction, and as we wisen up on the Earth Walk journey we learn to see with new eyes that process pain in a deeper way. We don’t take assault or feel let down by them, we instead see OH, they have things to learn, OH they are not as woke as they think just yet, OH, they don’t know my perspective yet.

Then it is on us to be wise and lovely as we go into the situation to do what we can to spread the wisdom or better way to consider. Again, we are to be like Jehovah’s Witnesses who never get upset at all the people who say mean things and slam the door on them and make them feel that their way is the wrong way. I am amazed at how everywhere I move, from St. Louis to San Francisco, to Santa Fe, to Oakland to Durango, they always show up at my door and they are always so incredibly kind.

And we can be, too. We don’t have to hold so defensively to being right or to thinking we really do know the best way. The amount of perspectives to all things is always vast. There are always going to be angles. From here it is this, but from there it is this other thing. Getting older really shows us this truth because, through hell or high water, you will NEVER understand what it will be like in your 40’s when you are in your 20’s. You just have no idea how much you will change.

Then you walk it and look at all the 20 somethings and think, oh if you only knew what you will learn! But we cannot learn before our time. And WITH THAT we must awaken to being wiser to how we interpret something RIGHT NOW because oh yes, it certainly can change.

Hindsight is the vision that creates your better year. Use it now to be wise into how much better you will do this new year, but realize —– no matter what, you don’t really know —– we all never really know — but we do feel something right now and that needs our attention.  

And something is rising as a truth – just know you will figure the way out. You don’t have anything to worry about because your body is guiding you and the feelings are letting you know that a new day is on the rise. Exhale your dream for how much better you wish it to be. If you create it, they will come.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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