monday (30 september) – It’s all about control, and you can’t control it.

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We can’t control it,

so let it go,

and flow.

well hello M O N D A Y!

Something big is shifting with our relationships and it is SO HEALING. This is when we will start to notice that BECAUSE OF HOW WE HAVE CHANGED our feelings about others are changing.

And this is what I talk about on the spiritual journey, that you don’t know about until you take more steps forward, in consciousness. But there are parts of our spiritual path where we are VERY judgmental, and always judging other spiritual people on where THEY are on their path.

But then you get a few steps up the mountain and you realize the error of your ways and you NEVER judge in the ways you did even months earlier. You see that to judge them is only revealing that YOU have something inside of you that is getting triggered for SOME reason that YOU need to examine and look at.

Where WE are triggered, WE have something to look at because what we are working for, as we climb this mountain, is where we get life to just flow, even in the scariest, on the edge situations, but where we finally are so in the know that ALL OF THIS IS PERFECT, in what it is doing, in some big picture way and that TRULY, the vibration we hold is the only thing that ever matters.

Journeys change. The road conditions never do stay the same. Weather forces us to go with the flow, too. And through it all we are learning to be Ninja Masters, like trees, with roots grounded deep, as we sway and flow with what storms or other controlling forces thrust into our boundaries, uninvited and unwarranted.

The number one way to happiness that we can learn is that we need to get over thinking we can control another person, or the world. Recently, when I started seeing angry people doing ridiculous things, I started saying to myself, I’m sorry you can’t control the world. And something about going directly to that supportive, yet mildly snarky stance, instead of matching what they were showing or getting mad at them for showing it, made me then move on to the next situation in life and instantly forget all about them.

I also noticed that the more I do it, the more I now don’t do it with any snark at all, as I really am like, I’m SORRY you can’t control the world. I wish we could, too. But their anger doesn’t hit my wounds and get me upset. I just go, aww, baby! I’m sorry you feel the need to gun your car up on my ass and get so pissed off at me for only going a little bit over the speed limit.  Aww. Don’t waste your day like that!! Don’t get so mad because you can’t control me and you can’t control the world and you can’t control the street lights for not being green. We can’t control it, so let it go, and flow.

But think about how many of you took that person, who made the outlandish move that got your attention and set you in a bad mood, WITH YOU for hours into the day and even can say that it contributed to what you are feeling now. We do this, but we don’t have to do this. In forgetting about them, because I offered a sort of compassionate and understanding stance, it released me from that energetic hold and I went off on my day and had these OTHER kinds of experiences that were not tainted or water color painted by someone THAT I CANNOT CONTROL.

So, let that register and see how much it changes how you see others and what they are going through or where they are come from or what lands on your path that you just can’t control, and SEE how you can flow through it without taking it on — and BECOME a better person in the process.

We are learning to be pretty mellow humans, unless injustice arrives and then we are to thrust ourselves to the forefront, but otherwise we are working for inner harmony and peace. And what is inside is what shows on the outside. So have compassion for those who are so hurt and disappointed inside and just see how much it changes you to let go of your own judgments or anger over things you can’t control. Because you CAN control how you let things hit you, but only when you bring attention to what you were doing and how giving your day away to a stranger who is just annoyed and scared isn’t really valuing yourself.

So change how you receive what others bring and feel sorry for the unhappiness they must have inside. Feel compassion instead of assaulted that you can’t control that they came into your path. And then just notice that those situations stop happening. Soon your flow will not gain a ripple from another person acting insane. And THAT is up ahead on our mountain. So keep climbing. We are getting to better.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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