monday vibes (10 june) — I welcome this change

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I’m showing up for today.

I’m ready for this change.

I’m ready to step through

This gateway into the new

That I’ve been working

Forever to create.

My arms are open.

I welcome this.  

Good morning! We have us a very special cosmic day, my loves! So many things are at the 19 degree mark AND its a 19 day. We have Jupiter, South Node, Saturn, (the Ascendant and Part of Fortune from the chart I pulled up for midnight), Neptune, the Sun, the North Node and the Moon. ALL AT 19 DEGREES. Its HIGHLY UNUSUAL TODAY!! This one is sort of like walking through some gateway or new level where a decision or something based on letting go of the past now brings entry to a new situation presenting. 

So this day very much deals with the culmination of months or even years past. Its where we look into a new day and decide to dream for something better or something that takes us out of the illusion of the past that was actually keeping us prisoner.

Today we step into something that breaks through a boundary that was made based on the past that now you know does NOT need to contain you. Many of you are making decisions where you thought something wasn’t possible or you were facing an idea you said you would never do, but now, life has changed and your perspective shows you that maybe you do need to think again, respond in a better way and hope for something beyond what is right here, right now.

DO KNOW, out in the world there is something of extreme madness where things have flipped and it’s just a very murky and confusing situation that can EASILY take many of you under and have you feeling negative for the future or the hope of things. Your mind can be processing material that doesn’t make sense, and you fall into negative ways of taking it on, thinking this is gloom and doom all the way.

But it’s this sticky substance – and you will notice it especially now in the media world where you can see something negative and its palpable how you too match that low feeling in your gut. But if you see something positive and inspiring next, that feeling lifts and it’s so light – you will all start noticing this now. This is the calm element coming where inside we change. And as we get better at finding what is ours to immerse with, the things that are not feel REAL LOUD. So it is as if we are being supported to SEE that we are always being guided from within and we really just need to listen.

Paths are crossing today FOR SURE and we are coming together with those who bring strong emotions out of us – and also the desire for movement whether closer, or further away. There can be things that feel like family or where there is support or something nurturing. But on the other side of that we also can find ourselves with others who are draining us and sort of sucking us dry with their drama or high emotions.

So it seems that no matter what, we will be taken by others with what they are feeling and how that makes us feel — but the level to this expression ranges from super high to super low, with MANY things influencing that actually. In the reading room I can see that things are polar opposite in a lot of ways, kind of like the video I shared last week with 2 kayaks going through the river and the first dude hit this wave in such a way that he went sideways and had a totally different journey from the next dude who just sailed through and wasn’t ruffled.

So like, one person walks a path and falls in this hole and sprains an ankle, but the next minute another bends to tie his show and sees a wad of $100 bills that someone dropped a few weeks ago. Like, its just polar opposite today in what we will see, so be ready for that!! This also feels like walking through a big box electronics store with TVs all on and making sound and showing stimulation. Things can be overwhelming like that and for sure your senses are feeling every little bit of it. HOPEFULLY you all are the ones finding the wad of money.  

Get ready to make some changes of your plans or to see something shift a bit and come out different than what you thought. This really is about just staying fluid and kind of expecting that there will be a road block or detour involved where you’ll have to decide from within and possibly end up delaying going a different journey to get to what you want. But. 100% there are NO MISTAKES to this day and how it rolls along. You will have to trust and expect new avenues to appear, but exciting things will build as each step of the treasure hunt unfolds. Feel your way to the gold.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day


START TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. One week after the New Moon we reach the bottom of the moon mapping wheel as we shift into the left side. This means we now are in a two week period where we are encouraged to GET THINGS GOING. This is when you want to launch, share things, get out there and show them what you got. 

moon of the day



Feeling critical. Putting things into order. 

Thinking of details. Organizing your life.


Decisions. Decisions. Doing the right thing.

Thinking of others. Wanting things beautiful.

numerology vibration

1:  Energy is moving towards and igniting the themes of the other numbers.

9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.



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