monday vibes (15 july) — the feeling will guide you.

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The dry lake FEELS cold.

The lush waterfall FEELS alive.

Recognize those feelings.

If it’s cold, keep walking.

Good morning, loves! So tomorrow we step into a lunar eclipse and today we have an unusual energy building that deals with getting us to REALLY understand what we must let go of in our lives. We have patterns, people, and ways we have treated ourselves that are no longer a match to the visions we have been holding since last August.

Today really brings the pressure so that you feel this and get ready to be Kali tomorrow as the boundaries are drawn in ways you maybe didn’t even know you could do it.

The main ways we will feel today deal with wanting to move and not knowing where or how but still feeling driven to change something and to see that it’s no longer so confusing. AND we are also wanting new things for ourselves and recognizing what is a dried out lake and what is a lush, overflowing waterfall.

Because of old patterns and programming of scarcity MOST of us will go to the dry lake and just hope it will produce. Most of us WILL NOT say, oh give me the lush and abundant one, because we are still discovering ways within us that don’t believe we deserve that overflowing one. We think the dried up lake can maybe work good enough and we can handle going with less and living simply.

The thing is, that on our journey, the dried up lake shows up before the lush waterfall – and never the other way around. So it is on us to make that choice to accept this less than thing or wait it out and trust in the mystery and believe there is something better for you.

So expect to FEEL things today even if you don’t understand the big picture and to have your feelings lead you to new thoughts for change or new boundaries or new ways that something cannot go on like this anymore.

There also is a big warning about holding the perspective of not needing to know but allowing the feelings to lead. This will have you more receptive instead of hammering away into a corner that is dead. We are dealing in old patterns right now so you will naturally fall into something, not thinking it’s detrimental because you are so used to falling into this wound-created rut on your road.

But holding the not knowing and allowing the feelings to lead is where we go beyond some trigger and actually find the plan for how to change this and see our way around it for the next time it falls on our path. This is like the 40 day Dr. Sebi fast I am on and how the first few days are really hard and when most people give up but then you hit about day 5 and life is SO SWEET. You suddenly have energy galore, a clear and focused mind, and correction plans for EVERYTHING that is out of place.

It took uncomfortably changing a pattern set in place while, day by day, minute by minute, walking in a totally different way. And right now we are finding reason to WANT to change this old way about us but, because it is so known and comfortable, the transition won’t be the easiest thing.

Supposedly doing the 40 day (to 60 day) Dr. Sebi fast resets the body completely to health because it resets the liver – think 111,000 mile old engine to brand new engine. But how many people can really follow through and commit to doing it? How many people can stick with it through to the end without caving into the ravenous need to chew food and eat all those things that make us feel happy inside?

If you value yourself and your health and your future and quality of life then you will choose for the lush waterfall and keep walking, keep dreaming, keep planning for it and not give up on, KNOWING you deserve way more than you have right now and, truly, it’s all because you didn’t think you could have more. But you can. It is just that the good things take time and the longer the wait, the more gratitude we feel when we do achieve our dreams. So it’s MORE WORTH IT the longer you walk for your lush waterfall. Get used to this being our new truth.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day


START TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. One week after the New Moon we reach the bottom of the moon mapping wheel as we shift into the left side. This means we now are in a two week period where we are encouraged to GET THINGS GOING. This is when you want to launch, share things, get out there and show them what you got. 

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Making a plan. Thinking about your career.

Feeling determined. Feeling a bit down.



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2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

5: You are seeing into your past and also into your future. You are moving forward with a new STRENGTH FROM what you have experienced before.  

7: You may feel misunderstood or will be around conflict with others. Find a way to blend the sides so that a point of understanding can be reached.




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