monday vibes (19 august) — Follow what the pregnant lady says.

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Does the pregnant lady say:

I hate you for not being here yet,
I give up on you for not being here yet,
I’m done with you for making me wait?

Then don’t do the same to your baby dreams.

Good morning! So this will be an interesting day that has GOT YOU. Something from yesterday may still be lingering and however it lit you is where you may be feeling very consumed or pre-occupied or even overtaken. For some of you this can feel like the greatest thing ever! And THIS IS because there were the tests getting you to use your voice and stand your ground and make YOUR opinions/needs/ideas known.

We have to do these kinds of things in life because asserting ourselves is essential in building up our belief in having an operating system that notifies, keeps us safe and helps correct when our egos or wounds or programming are taking us off path. We need to be aware and love that we have smoke alarms built within our system – but we need to ASSERT in regards to the messages and instigation they plant seeds in us on the daily. Yes, daily.

Something about this weeks energy rushing in is about showing us that all the things we need are already all around us in their becoming stages. Even if we still ONLY have the idea on paper, soaked with hours and months of desired and dreamed for future steps being walked – they ARE in the act of becoming. On paper and torturously wished for IS a becoming stage as it becomes what you eventually will be able to feel and love on with gratitude that FINALLY your baby is home safe.

Think of how AWARE and conscious you will be when your hands DO lay FINALLY on your dreams (THINK ABOUT THAT OFTEN). Our dreams and visions for change in our life are seeds in a belly that in 9 months will give birth – just as our journey was – just as our becoming was stages of development too.

So lighten up on yourself if you want to get mad and furious that your baby is only in week 6 to being grown enough, to BEING ENOUGH FOR YOU. Lighten up and do something else to move your baby out besides yelling at it and making it known how much you hate that it is not here yet. What Mumma does that to their baby just because they think they want them right this minute.

We also are learning to give great care to our seeds as that is what we forget 100% of the time. Once the dinger passes on the time WE give that WE expect our dreams and all things to manifest, then we 100% forget that we have a seed that still needs our care. We always forget because we get so mad when things do not go our way. We get so mad when we see others having and we still sit with have not.

And then, it is like we leave our seed at the corner to be picked up by the trash truck — which, haha I don’t even know how to word that because I have had to take my trash to the dump for the last 13 years! I forgot life when trash so easily left your house – weekly instead of monthly or quarterly in my world. YOU, who get to just take it to the end of the driveway are SO LUCKY. Remember that for a minute.

But anyway, we are INTUITIVELY remembering that timing is a-okay – actually, as we continue to see the movement of recent seeds QUICKLY come into place, thus we won’t fall into the bummed out anger that wants to fuel on something right now through just ultimately being ticked off at there not being enough DONE things.

And the answer just needs to be, then do something. DO SOMETHING. It may not be towards what you want, but something needs you moving it forward with love right now — and when you do, OH LORDY, there comes the light, the person, the answer, the thing that gets you past these blocks on your path that have you wanting to give up on what you KNOW you are here to accomplish. So come on warriors. The best is yet to come. Keep your dreams on the high vibe. Don’t tank what is still becoming your baby to hold.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day


START TO GET THE BALL ROLLING. One week after the New Moon we reach the bottom of the moon mapping wheel as we shift into the left side. This means we now are in a two week period where we are encouraged to GET THINGS GOING. This is when you want to launch, share things, get out there and show them what you got. 

moon of the day


Feeling emotional. Feeling out of place. Wanting alone time. Rejuvenate. Recharge.



Action! Ready to go! Abrupt situations. Energy moving towards SOMETHING.

numerology vibration

2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

9: Something is ending and needing to be released. Have trust even though things feel confusing. Give away in order to receive.

11: This is a special and rare vibration! Today divine inspiration hits your heart and something manifests as a miracle that WAKES YOU UP.



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