monday vibes (2 september) — The agitation is to get you moving, not get you stopping.

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Do this for you.

Get up and do.                                                             

You may feel this sort of agitation today where you are looking at too much to do and feeling real low because it seems overwhelming to the point you want to give up. But notice that something inside of you is still pushing you to power through, almost as if support surrounds in spirit form, and we don’t know how or why, but we find the energy to keep mustering on.

We stepped into this space where things are getting DONE. Like once and for all, BUT —- we will have to be on constant guard to monitor our thoughts as they keep wanting to dip us down into the old pattern way where we DO focus more on what is wrong, and then get real judgmental and battering into the bringing more attention TO making it even more wrong.

But sometimes we need to let it go and just do that one thing first to stop spending all the time complaining, when in fact the doing takes shorter time to do. This was something I learned in my 40 day fast when I had no food to fog up my brain, but I was like, wait, it’s often quicker to just do it then worry, complain or feel low about HAVING TO DO IT.

And not having 120 meals to consume meant I had a lot of time to get things done, and realized I WANT to get things done and it’s just that when we have one thing on top of the other it is easy for us to blow a fuse in our minds and go back to wanting to escape and not get ANYTHING done. When we face the heavy load it’s understandable to want to turn around and call it a day and give up on THAT dream.

But our new stronger, dedicated selves are in this to win this. We have the tools and what now is in the way are THINGS left behind that we could not face before and they now will BLOCK our way. So it will be like deal and get the jobs done, or, collapse and be left behind because what is in the way is what you left in the way and that JUST needs YOU removing it.

So we also today need to take care of ourselves in being the adult or stepping up and just like, OKAY. I will deal with this debt issue or this money issue or the phone call issue or the test issue or that thing that has consumed me forever. Today just do something to move the dream ball forward. Those things in your way won’t move until you do. So be aware that this is a sticky spot in you and today it only needs you activating your Kali and KNOWING things will go better than you planned — and there IS a way through this.

What I feel is sort of depressing because it’s so powerful and old and ingrained and where we are losing our potential because we give up when the going gets scary, or close to scary. We deflate and forget we ARE trained for this mission on Earth — born trained, actually. So with that, there will be things today that bring you to your knees or into some deeply woven challenging situation that has lingered for maybe even years for some of you, but today it’s just about putting one foot in front of the other and SEEING YOURSELF accomplish things. That is key.

Don’t collapse because you DON’T KNOW or are in something that has a potential future that you do not want to see. Do not follow in the footsteps of those before you, and instead see for yourself a new and wide-open path for YOU to create. It’s important that we are seeing things for ourselves in this current energy because if we see the low, we will speed up and go faster towards magnetizing situations that are not at all what we want to be experiencing.

So we MUST see that there is a way and that we will rise above anything and that we got the tools to accomplish. Don’t run from what is there NEEDING you to see and take care of this. At this time you are to bring things into balance and into healing and into a better HOLD for you so that you are not stuck in your past and too busy there to ever finally step into your future. Do this for you. Get up and do.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!
moon phase of the day


PLANT THE SEEDS. Two weeks after the Full Moon we reach the New Moon where we suddenly have visions for new things we are ready to implement in our lives. This time now is for giving energy towards seeing yourself as your future self doing the things you dream of starting right now. So we begin a journey with the New Moon and over this next week we simmer with love over all that we dream of doing as we prepare to take steps forward from this new feeling starting in one week. This time is for simmering in hopeful dream visions.

moon of the day



Decisions. Decisions. Doing the right thing.

Thinking of others. Wanting things beautiful.


Feeling intense! Feeling consumed!

Uncovering something. Deep situations.

numerology vibration


2: Needing to come together and bridge two perspectives.  Work to create an understanding or peace from what is going on around you.

3: Something is being shared or communicated today. Expect lots of movement, potentially positive or negative.

5: You are seeing into your past and also into your future. You are moving forward with a new STRENGTH FROM what you have experienced before.  



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