monday vibes (9 september) — Now you get to see and there is energy to rebuild.

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Just move this forward.

Move it out.

What needs to stay

Will remain.

But your attention needs to be

On clearing the scene.

And there it is – we have a shift today that gets people to move beyond something that was ultra challenging and now the attention is off the problem being all consuming as a new plan is going down and steps are being taken and there is some sort or rejoiceful feeling for the rebuild.

BUT. That comes later in the day. FIRST we have a real big mess, like with a 55 car pile-up, where we are dealing with one thing that got all these other things to fall out of order and then affect their own other things that were radiating around it as a Universe. But just like with all the car accidents that we hear about, eventually all the cars ARE cleared and things get back to normal. So we are somehow in the process of removing our bashed up cars and bringing order back into a life we before just thought we needed to escape from.  

Do notice that you feel real strong around this day even though the jobs are heavy, and many people need you — but, this is that support helping us to keep with each next step as we really never know when the most wonderful gift is about to knock on our door. Things are coming out of the blue at this time and now is when you hear of the connections, the love blossoming, the business growing roots and the idea flourishing.

THAT WHICH we got out of the way with those examination lights and the hella heavy load of things we started facing in August, is why we now arrive at this point as stronger beings able to cope and get down into ground zero and fix what was so wrongfully put into place.

NO — we do not like that we have to fix this, nor that it needs to be fixed, but as awakened with Kali, we just do what needs to be done and stop the negative energy going into the focusing on all that is wrong. That mentality pattern got us with packed up lives, closets about to burst, hidden places we would never want another to see — BECAUSE we got into the habit of appraising what is wrong and only feeding the energy with judgment, bullying and anger – thus never applying energy towards making things better.

Our new Kali selves come to understand others better as ULTIMATELY we realize we can only control what we can control about ourselves – and the lives of others are off limits, unless we inspire with hope and get others to change in ways that are not about the fight. Fighting breeds more fighting — it only works that way, UNTIL someone humbles down and opens their heart and goes soft. Then the other person will or will not follow suit, but again, that’s not on you.

What IS on you is to vibe in the ways that you WISH others would. To see that when we batter others to change, we probably batter ourselves too in similar regards where we are NOT living up and are still not changing because it IS a battering. And who wants to be battered, really? Does it not push away, as we pushed away our obligations? And there is a better way to train and coach and get others to help us save Earth and follow in these life affirming ways of being. We must flutter though others lives with the hope of a dream and the seed of solutions where before there was only the cement of no possibilities. 

And today we awaken to this and through synchronicity or something that comes when we least expect it, we DO get a glimmer of light that inspires us to keep at it and keep moving forward. This week we start to look at our addiction to needing an outcome rather than just feeling our way through what is really going on and how THAT  needs to steer us forward.

So today we get inspired to keep with a hard job because the signs ARE showing that we are onto something and that what this needs is just a bit of faith and time to grow solid. But otherwise WE ARE FIXED on something and it deals with our own personal rebuild. This is very good news. — Now, get back to work. You know you will be glad you did.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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