Pisces Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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Oh loves! This time now is when all things change and where suddenly and WAY out of the blue you will be able to feel more control in your life and as if you are in the driver’s seat again. What was blocked will now start moving again in regards to projects or creative ideas that are meant to be broadcast far and wide.

Things that deal with you working on something that you want to launch and leap into, that still is being reworked is where you want to be thinking right now because the slight pressure you apply towards wanting to know how to get to the root of a problem or situation is what gets things popping in your mind where you suddenly see into another side of things or will at least move forward because of a new angle that presents FROM the pressure of WANTING to know, or pondering over how to expand in life or do more and live more than what you see going on right now.

You are looking into the lands of your dreams and NOW you really are onto something that will get you over there quicker than you planned! We will see many Pisces who just suddenly expand when it appeared to be that they were going backwards or standing still.

And here is the key to it! I am so excited to tell you that all that holds you back at this time will be things within your mind where you are stuck on some fear of scarcity or not being valued or thinking your creative gifts do not fit into the world. And feeling those ways will keep you magnetized to situations that DO keep you down and out.

So your mind is the creator of your life right now in a way where a show is about to be presented and it absolutely will be what you are thinking. SO. YOU MUST WAKE UP in regards to your value in the sense of what it really is inside of you when you are presented with things outside of you, say the internet, where you feel suddenly like you don’t have a place here. The words you use and the slumping you do when feeling left out is what you will see more of in terms of life experiences!

And this energy is turned on and amped up FOR THE PURPOSE of getting you to wake up to your power, and to use it wisely!!! You are the gift here, my love. And you speaking and doing from a place that is the sweet Pisces, and not the fear based scarcity based one who thinks there is NOT enough to go around, is what is being asked of you.

Your power and a new strength rising is coming from your throat and with what you share or create. But this has to break through something that is old and stuck and NOT the way for you to be following. There will be challenges in getting your voice to speak up and draw this boundary, but when you do, you get rewards from the Universe and things will expand within 24 hours when you draw a sharp line that comes from the voice of your soul speaking out about injustice or a path no longer where you want to be.

Things are changing quickly and YOU steer that boat. Keep your pressure applied towards working out debt issues or things you have hidden away and not wanted to deal with. Keep pushing towards finalization so that you can feel the freedom that awaits. You ARE going next level in life and it’s from these few weeks of taking care of things and seeing that all around you your life is expanding because of it.

So the Universe is for sure giving out dog treats for all the good dog things you keep doing and this is to inspire you to want to keep on growing and keep with the work it takes, while always knowing you CAN trust yourself. You CAN trust the unusual leaps of faith you take that maybe don’t show a reward for a long time. Trusting yourself means you probably do have to wait longer for things to manifest — keeping it real.

But NOT right now. Right now. When you trust and believe in yourself and go on that instigation, you WILL soar to new heights almost instantaneously. But only from your realness will the lovely external manifest. What is real about you needs to be shared with the world. And within your mind is the block that now releases this new flow. So allow this new story to play out! The world IS ready to hold you! YOU got to show up though.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how things have been as I open to the remembrance of my true wisdom and place here on Earth as a messenger of what is almost beyond belief. I bring the truth, with a vision that is unique, and that needs to reach the light of day in order to contribute to a better way. I value who I am and that I am not like everyone else – so I leap into my dreams, knowing my way will be the way after I define it in space.


Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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