Sagittarius Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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You have a lot of power in your life right now, but it comes in unusual ways because it seems that right as you are about to give up and think it all really is too much to handle anymore, is the moment you then sort of finish up some cycle and step into a new creation that is based on you holding a space where you DO believe there is something to this and that the process will bring you to what you desire.

It’s like letting it go and just resigning to accepting the flow of your life is exactly what you need to do. There is something that feels like a cocoon that has gone its time and now a new way of living is about to present. For that reason you need to really be aware of your thoughts and listen to any battering you do because you need to lift these and to apply the idea of a patient process to them.

Something about your life needs to be seen as the apprentice where you are learning something important here, but knowing the journey is not something quick and simple, but rather where you need to pay attention every step of the way and BELIEVE that doing so will provide you with what you need when the time is right to finally move forward again.

And at this time people are coming your way to seek you out or to set you straight in regards to what you should be focusing on. So this means love comes in and things that do end up providing you the support you have needed, although they come in surprising ways and maybe from people you haven’t seen in a awhile. So things light up and then they just blow up beautiful in many ways.

I do have to say that I am being shown all these things like shooting off from shore, but how far they shoot off depends on the belief that was put into them WHEN they shot off. So I see some going a short distance while others are bounding in the biggest of ways – like feeling very ready to see things changed and wanting to move that stream right along.

But don’t think you have to jump before your time!!! The big thing here is saying that how you feel when you jump is what leads to what manifests for you. So don’t think you have to jump because others are or you feel pressured to do and make the river flow for you. This energy wants you to be held in the arms of the Great Mystery and to just trust the next big passage that is in front of you. It is better to rest and take care of you until you feel that NOW you must move.

What I get is that others are influencing you here, so they will reach out to you when it is time to move.  Others are helping you get your flow straight and for that reason you just need to be in the patient wait. Nothing is wrong here!!!! You actually are in a sweet space where solutions are coming and they come in ways that will have you turning a corner and learning from how much your life DOES need to change.

So the feast or famine switches as something jumps its course and starts flowing in a new way for you. But again. Allow yourself to be led into this movement. I see that you need to just flow until this wave caused by another hits you and shifts you into this better way. And all of this will then bring in confirmation that you are valuable and can trust your creative gifts, and whatever sort of journey they have taken. This time is to show you that YES dreams do come true and YES they often do after challenging journeys of long lasting time lines.

And here we are about to jump start you into seeing the good flow in with things not being so challenging and where you do automatically start seeing more of the glass half full in life. This will be when you start a new childlike way of remembering that there IS enough to go around and that sharing brings abundance your way.

This time is to get Sagittarius vibing again to something that can power up a town when they sit in it confidently. But to trust the Universe, you have to trust the Universe. So you got to just flow even when you feel like you are in a cave and maybe will be the one person left out, BECAUSE you are learning to trust the Universe. So in the dark you will be, UNTIL blasted into the light something helps you see again and then a new world unfoldeth again. And then it will be time to get to business.

A gift is coming to make your foundation full of more creativity and this will have you sitting in your soul’s purpose work and being very busy! Enjoy this. The flow coming is to celebrate you and show you the light at the end of the storm. This time cometh quicker when you invite it in – so watch your words!!! Watch the tone of how you interpret the unknown because things finally ARE getting better, but you push them away if you don’t think they are coming for you.

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how things have let me down and not lived up to my expectations. I now invite a new story to play out where I see that TIMING was the issue and that trusting something greater was being asked of me. I release my desire to know it all and fall into the arms of the Great Mystery as I navigate what I can feel is going to bring a wonderful and epic change to me. I can feel this is going to be good!


Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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