Saturday (11 january) – Flood waters bring healing vibes.

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Feel the pain

but don’t become the pain.

Instead see that what

caused the pain

is no longer

causing pain.

No longer doing.

No longer being.

No longer thinking such a thing. 

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

So yes, loves, our emotions are high, our needs are many and things are very unsure. At this time people are TALKING and they are stuck in places where they are trying to get something to move or trying to get past something that feels like a heavy boulder.

DO KNOW. It should feel this way and nothing is wrong with you. This energy is sort of soaking us up and filling us with a feeling before releasing us into these new thoughts that are about creating a better world for us ALL.

SUDDENLY we see things in terms of how my impact affects you and our impact affects this other thing. We really are connected. And the powers that manipulate want us to think that we are NOT connected as all efforts have been put into place to get us to hate. But we ARE to connect — like the bees and just as bees create honey that is wildly healing, SO IS OUR ENERGY.

And in our hearts is going to be something birthing where we must decide to take some leap of faith into something that we believe will bring us joy. EVEN THOUGH we stand between boulders and a very challenging spot to be in. Still we must breathe and do our best and stay hopeful that we do have what it takes.

Hope will be the wind for your sailboat of this place you want to get out of. But while in it, you will be in it and for many of you it can feel like an uphill climb as you see so much about your past that feels like it is too far gone.

We all face things where the challenge is huge to get them back into correction, out of debt, out of dysfunction, but we have to focus on the joy of it and the happiness, for each step away we move towards correction and out of a life that doesn’t make us happy.

But this part of the journey is so important because we do need to straddle both worlds in order to really be present and focused on what YOUR HEART WANTS as you create for a better space. And holding to the fear or the reasons to think that something can’t be done are the things you need to let go of at this time. Your new vision may take longer than you wish it would, but there is a way.

We will also all experience a sudden, out of the blue crying spell around this day. We won’t know where this came from but it came, likely with a body movement, so you may start to dance and tears will suddenly flow, or you will bend down to pick something up and tears will just pop out. This is something that is a sign of the new shift where you WILL be crying more and it will get you to do more. Water signs have been feeling everyone all along and now we all get to feel things more so that we can leave the programming that has us affirming and supporting what is actually killing us.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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