Saturday (14 december) – Compromise no more, my love!

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What are you feeling inside?

What needs you to NOT compromise?

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

OKAY THEN. This is a feeling we know in our bodies but this time we are seeing how it actually is just a message and something getting us to do something about it or NOT compromise so much that it IS in our lives like this.

Today we are feeling things so strongly as if we have no grounding or security or anything that would give us a safe feeling — but it only inspires us to do what we can and deal with what we can and face what we can and stay going towards what gets our guts feeling better and our emotions feeling settled so they can get back to calm.

Many of you will be onto this energy the moment you wake up and you will be sealing your boundaries, canceling your appointments, and making this a day to just soak in your own energies and not take on the thoughts and feelings of the rest of the world.

We all will have to decide and to choose for something that is about bringing harmony to our own lives through choosing for things where we are led to be and where parts of us yearn to be – NOT where others try to force us on their path and schedule and rulebook.

Right now we feel fidgety around people who want to control us or tell us how it is. There is a strong resistance as we are feeling the truth around the illusion that has the money to make bigger shows and declarations.

But the truth cannot hide from the feeling it emits. The truth rises in people like you and me who have these engines that are deciphering things where we can see through the visual attempts to get us going in a certain direction.

Like, on the daily, we will be calling BS – because WE ARE being fooled in the wildest of ways, but mostly we must not stop to look at the car that is about to blow up, we must drive our families as quickly as we can out of the area, to safe lands.

We must think like this when we get into things that feel like hot water or something that heats our bellies up or tanks our bellies, where it feels so heavy, all of a sudden.

Those are warnings signs of GET OUT and deceit is here. And where we are right now and will be next week is learning to not compromise ourselves because we haven’t owned our power or our value, so we became something else to lighten another person’s discomfort. We have learned very well to cave into things and take things on so that others do not have to, even though they are the ones who SHOULD be taking this on.

Now that compromise in us is bouncing back into a straight line as if we can’t curve into this anymore and GIVE OF OURSELVES in ways where we then feel smaller or deficient or as if something is wrong with us.

Truly, it is another person’s manipulation or control or stronger influence that contributed to where we stand now – and now WE SEE into the light of this and see the errors of our ways – but they were ripples cast upon the lake that just sent us in this other way. We see that we have bought into something and now we awaken to the need to put ourselves first and take care of what our body feels and needs – stepping out of the mind where we are able to be controlled and manipulated by others.

When in our own bodies and doing what feeds our soul, we end up at different places at the end of the day, and along our personal evolutionary growth of life.

In our mind, we do what others tell us we should be doing to achieve whatever goal we are working towards. And right now we are learning how to allow our body to guide us better (or are we learning to listen better?) — knowing that the mainstream messages are not geared to see you blossom like a flower. They are geared to get you giving it all away. And your gut stands in the way of that happening.  What are you feeling inside? What needs you to NOT compromise?

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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