saturday (14 september) — Oh Full Moon! We celebrate you in Pisces again!

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Change is in order

And I take the lead.

A better vision for my future

Is what I plant as a seed.

With absolute trust in my heart

That if I follow my feelings

I will eventually be living a work of art.

And so it is and will be.

Oh moon! You are bringing the Pisces magic and we all are facing something that is a part of our ULTIMATE DREAM. And where we sit right now is seeing what has gotten in the way that WE CAN CHANGE to make this better. So the activism is rising in us, as is this desire to just get up and make a decision and see how it goes — sitting on the pot and just waiting for something to get better has very much grown old.

BUT the most exciting thing to know is that we will all get some blast of awakening where the sun shines through cracking clouds – and the vision I am being shown is that this light hits our pineal gland and a little tweak happens – and then our eyes take on this new flash of light. THIS HAPPENS with this Full Moon!

And this change is what is going to get you realizing that LIFE IS SHORT and there is no need to fuck around with topics like needing savings or the struggle of debt (that EVERYONE has) or whatever piddly thing takes you out of a short term planning cycle. We need to think like we only got 1 year of life and we HAVE to live this to the max, HAVE to go for that idea we have wanted to do, HAVE to go for that love that feels so true, HAVE to go for that move to that place that feels like it will hold you and your family safe.

We HAVE TO LEAP. We have to not stay stuck in the old world fucked up programming that has you watching the news, eating fast food, and becoming a zombie to this really fabulous world that IS STILL THERE wanting to make-out with you hardcore! Like, great things want to join with you and merge with you – but something inside OF YOU keeps them walled away or kept under a book of rules or ways that things must jump through hoops first or can never ever be —– all messages from watching our programmed media and TV. Living a TV life when you need to shift to KV Life where the dream happens.

So around this time we BLAST OPEN and ultimately it’s a new energy, where the ground is shaking and shifting as it lays solid foundation but where you get plopped or spontaneously dropped is where you need to now look around and see how it feels.

And if it doesn’t feel good, then get to seeing that you are MERELY IN A PROCESS, but don’t forget that a process PROCEEDS. It does move along. And this lesson we learn with this moon vibe is that we can trust life and not always think we have to brace for a fight or a nightmare or loss. We can actually just trust THIS and admit that YES it sucks when we are down in the gutter, but the gutter carries parts of the process and if we can trust that, then we can ride a different wave that keeps us from noticing that we are in the gutter, when in the gutter.

Like, you can be in a painful situation, like in the 40 Day Fast, where you HAVE to walk each day as there is NO OTHER WAY TO DO IT – besides stopping the fast and starting over again at a later time.

So, like, we have these things in life that we do not at all want to be in, BUT — truth — we need to be in them to provide the emotional situations to unlock hidden patterns that deal with us escaping or running from what we really need to just commit to and get the job done and get through this so that we can get to the next level. I was just going to say, much like Virgos in just getting the job done, but oh yeah! I should be sensing Virgo in this energy – Full Moon in Pisces! But yes, think Nurse and just see, feel, do and keep it moving.

Be aware that a decision or change WILL happen today and it may not have any data to really back up what is best as there are a lot of sides to this or ways to take this in, but still, we are being granted this extra sensory ability to FEEL what is best for us, but also what is not. So heed the warnings and believe the great feelings.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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