Saturday (21 december) – Big warning day!! READ ME.

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No is the word of the day.

Use it at least once.

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Oh wow, we got us a big warning today! And I want you to guard this day as if it is one of the most important you got! There is someone or some out of the blue situation that is set to arrive as a test to see how you respond.

Now, there will be elements that totally get your goat as this is the exact thing that gets you most often. It can be the wording others use or the shade that they cast – but it does tend to get you lit.

This time, however, take a pass on the provocation and don’t utter one single word or rebuttal or explanation. If you feel lit in a negative way, GET OUT OF THERE. This day will demand that you make your own sanity important and that you draw any boundaries where people are taking advantage of you or doing things that you can tell are purposefully trying to get a rise out of you so that you are fully distracted into their drama or irrational behavior.

The reason we are not to fall into this old trap, where no one ever wins, is because something special is to arrive today that actually gets you feeling like you are important and you do have every right to choose a space that feels comfortable for you. We are going towards what nurtures us and supports us, while letting go of our addiction to pain and making things just okay or where we just abide with no question.

If you have to go against the grain to avoid some collision with another, do it. This day wants to expand your mind and get you feeling like nothing is ever going to stop you. We actually can feel rather superhuman when we say no to something that was going to try to steal our day.

And that opportunity on our path is kind of the point! We need to get used to the tests that make sure we have learned a new pattern we have been planning on ingraining in our lives. To be tested just means we are closer to NOT being tested again and, the new way we dream, becoming our reality. But the tests come after all awakenings. So gear up and rise high. NO is the word of the day.

Now I can say that a large group of you will be taken by this energy and it will fixate you into a problem you are having with another person or something that you are sniffing out and think may be something you need to worry about.

If this happens, just know the next time you have this opportunity you WILL SAY NO, and until then you need to learn what it feels like to have your boundaries crossed and to feel another person steal the sanity of the day you had planned.

So if you get taken out today, do what you can to rise above it, but also know there will be value in what you discover and how this sticky, tar-like mess inspires you to rise super high when you do turn this corner. This can be like migraine sufferers and how you know the next day is like your best day ever – but only because the migraine is such a painful experience. To be out of that makes you want to dance on air. So if you got taken, you needed to, in order to learn – one more time – that you are better than that and you deserve to be treated with much more respect and value.

NOW you will know how to draw boundaries like a boss. And next time your voice WILL too.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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