saturday (21 september) – And to the top of the Moon Mapping Wheel we go!

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We can’t give up on what is becoming
Just because we are still in something
that is unbearably unbecoming.
We must hold both worlds
Until the better world is all we see.

Okay here are again, another cycle plays out we as we reach the top of the Moon Mapping Wheel and shift into the right side where things go inward for two weeks. You can expect to be tired but that should lift pretty early in the morning as this is a busy day that will keep us going even if we are feeling a little sluggish to start.

Now today is going to give us so much to think about!!! So expect this reading to be all over the place. I feel it will be hard to get a quiet mind because people are coming together and we sort of collide even, like busy minds are thinking the same things and the same timing is playing out.

Again, this is just a test in your path because it is HOW YOU FEEL — when you have to wait or be stopped or be changed or not be able to control your world — that is important right now. We are being checked to make sure we are walking our talk and not playing this one thing but then automatically becoming mean-spirited when not getting our way.

And the real magic of today is that if you just trust that things are rolling along as they should, you will be able to see that this person or obstacle or challenge or delay was put on your path for good reason, and that there is something to exchange here that IS uplifting and it can inspire you in some way by providing you with something that deals with a change you have been needing to make.

We got used to being lazy because of programming and therefore we go to the news and the media for what we think we need to know. But there is another way that operates and it’s that we can obtain all we need to know from just being out in our neighborhoods or the immediate world around us — and it is THERE that we find out what we need to know. It’s like going local instead of buying from amazon. It’s like making something yourself instead of having some 10 year old kid in China make it for you.

Programming got us all wanting it fast and now and this has led to everything speeding up to match, including the destruction and devastation of what was on a relatively natural timeline – although that started changing in the 1980’s, it really wobbled off balance around 2011. In 2016 — when we all filled with hatred — over half of the coral reefs, which SUPPORT life in the ocean, DIED. So right there, a tipping point shifted that will have rippling effects. Could it be that WE also created what we see because WE TOO are like addicts for it all, preaching the good talk but still buying leather shoes and saying mean thoughts in the mind about others or buying the cheapest thing, only wanting to keep the dollars in your pocket or hiding what you are doing, still feeling addicted to do it behind closed doors, but talking like you don’t.

Are we really doing all we can do? It is easy to talk it and now it is essential that we walk it. So realize that we have to get back down to what is RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW and start the healing from within, to then see it ripple outwards. Trees can be planted again, coral reef can be regrown, water can be purified, air can be cleansed, things can be brought back into abundance, we can be healed, WE CAN HEAL.

We just got to step out of the programming that tells our minds that we are trapped and that there is nothing we can do to make a dent in what needs to happen. We can. And we will. And we have something in us now or some sort of collective energy growing that has us feeling like GIDDY UP, let’s get this going! So be out and about today because people want to see you and share some brilliant ideas with you that you do need to know about and that may require you make a change.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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