saturday (23 november) – You will get to the other side and things WILL change.

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Love you

Like you love them.

Because they love you

Like you love them.

Bridge this gap.

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Whoa! Who turned the lights on!! For sure things are showing themselves and we may even feel a bit battered by seeing too much and having to comprehend all the sides and all the feelings and all the wonderings and all the options and all the potentials. It’s like a dark room versus a room with lights – in the house of a hoarder. There is so much to take in!!

BUT. Do know whatever this day delivers you, you are in the cleaning mode and you will be making decisions where there is one or the other and it is about committing to something that is to get you out of a rut or get you to the other side of how you have been manifesting a particular life — and how YOU can upgrade that and get into something that has you feeling that life is beautiful.

We all are in for some psychological times where we see how we paint the colors on the picture we soon manifest. Like, how we follow a path and expect things from what we saw in our past. Like, I just figured out that I only want 1 website and not 2 – and I have only been juggling 2 because someone wrong for me thought I needed it. So I started it and now carry the extra burden of something that was not my original idea or intention.

Someone “hit my car” with this action and now I just kept stumbling along until this week when I have begun to “take my power back” in regards to how I have been spreading myself WAY TOO THIN. Crazy thin. But ONLY from a sense of no value where I WOULD say yes to all the things that have needed a more honorable KV to say NO to – and from the get-go, not in knees deep, then creating something even more chaotic to have to bring back into harmony.  

When we value ourselves we do not waffle and want to please the other MORE. We stand firm in NO or YES, and maybe just means nothing, yet. But to feel no and to say yes is only doing harm to our life. We feel no and say yes when our inner strength is not yet there in using the voice to bring it to others’ awareness.

We all play a dance with others wounded conditioning. We know fight, flight, or freeze and MOST of us sit at the freeze instead of standing up and demanding the best for ourselves. We freeze when we need to listen to our inner voice and gut feelings and say NO. We say, OH YOU MUST BE RIGHT because you are so forceful and manipulative, conditioning me WITH YOUR ENERGY to be steered into a direction of YOUR PREFERENCE – or expectation.

So find your way to a better life through unraveling the cords that keep you buying into and manifesting those that trip you up. Where they tangle, something inside of you invited them in through a lowered sense of value. So you must find where you DO NOT LOVE and learn to love it the way you love your children or your dog or your cat or your bird or your pig.

We are the wounded healers and we get that way through loving ourselves where others did not. So giddy up. We ALL need to climb this mountain and wake up to how our minds keep us locked on the wrong side of things, battering away and inviting in the chilly cold, when closing the window is really all it will take to bring things back into balance.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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