Saturday (28 december) – We got this, boo!

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Dream more for you.

Dream more for me.

Dream more for all

and we will rebuild

a better world

for the children to come.

(And MANY are on the way!)

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Okay loves. The readings were unique this week because they were to pull you into this other space and even to sort of distract you from the tight walls of this process we are moving through as we really see and face what NEEDS TO GO.

It is clear, as if things have been turned on in our bodies, where how things we could allow to just be are now unbearable to the point we must use our voices and correct what is not in proper place.

We are gaining this inner strength that is fighting for the community, almost as if we are losing aspects of our ego that only thought of me first and money for me and my family. Now our ego expands to be all of US first, money for US, and all that breathes life on the planet. Something is showing us that new ways DO WORK and that love opens the way for the dialogue of another solution to what is horrendously out of balance.

We will be hearing of people having a change of heart, changing their minds, and even blowing wide open to the truth of things. But what you need to know is that others’ timelines do not need to concern you. We need to be out there, tossing flowers to the people out in the world and if they want to pick them up and love on them, that’s on them to decide.

We must not hold attention in needing to know or needing a specific outcome from the reaches we send out there. Rather, we are to do it all with love, knowing that we carry the vibration of the world we long to see and many others do not – or they do, but their fear of the old world clouds the vision of what you and I know is possible.

But again, that is on them and not you. We are not here to solve and fix everyone. We are not here to hold all the solutions and to be assertive into all directions that need repair. We cannot overstretch and be there for all but we can be here now with what needs our love and give it the dream we CAN manifest for the future of mankind. We hold the seeds and we just need to keep on tossing them! No matter the outcomes, the paybacks, the good deeds rewarded – just hold steady in the storm and keep throwing daisies.

Now, another part of this energy is saying that we are seeing this really magical thing start to happen where people will be at the right place at the right time and it is about getting us together with our people and with some new rooms we dream of expanding into. I am being shown that we need to think of this like a building that has all these rooms and you are in the tight space of the turn of a doorway, but beyond this is a grand room that looks out to the expansive mountains and inspires you to see beyond what you have been told is available.

But, when in the space of around the bend, you can feel lost AF and think maybe something is wrong with you here and you are not able to navigate life like you THINK you should be able to. But things are changing and up ahead is a better way. You CAN go backwards into the fear of the past but visualize that this will just put you back into the room that you long to come out of.

The BIG mountain view awaits, my love. We all just have to move through our karmic things that keep us believing the past is all we will ever be. That is only one side but that there is another side that leads to us feeling content and alive as we walk our days, should inspire all of you to keep moving on.

The solutions will come. The relief will come. But you need to dream it to you. Call this baby into your arms. Make this your own. Use your value to cast a net out there and expect that no matter what, we ARE on the rise. We got this, boo.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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