saturday (28 september) – Oh New Moon! We love you in Libra!

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Decisions. Decisions.

They seem to need to be made.

But until my path is made clear

I will stay calm as I appraise

What all sides have to say.

I trust the wait

As I take in what I need to know

To get me to the other side

To something I will one day

Graciously hold.

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Oh Moon! We love you in Libra when you force us to know that we MUST look to all sides and see what we need to see so that we can make the best decision for our destiny. We pause in this energy for just a minute, like looking both ways before walking out into traffic, like waiting another minute if one side still has more to say and is coming along with something that still needs to pass us by before we can safely journey. And THEN when all is clear, we take a step towards our goal/final decision/destination/new partnership/new business move — or the other side of the street.

This is big energy for us in many ways because it has many layers to it and MANY of them can throw you off your grounding and get you thinking something is wrong. You FOR SURE can oh so easily think negative and defeating thoughts if you sit there and still see that more cars from the right continue to come and are stopping you from moving in the way YOU want to. You may even feel frustrated because you think you are ready to go and this is holding you back, but the whole point of this energy is just to get you to flow with whatever comes from either side and know that if you do want to be impatient and just jump into traffic, you MAY get squashed.

But then it’s game over for you. And you are smarter than that. I am teaching you better than that in these readings. Your body, alone, already knows that if the car is coming you DON’T still walk out into the road – now we are just dealing with teaching you how to handle the wait and not make it a negative thing where then you do probably walk out into the world and first trip, skin your knees, rip your jeans, and spill your coffee all over the street. So any and ALL negativity in this new moon energy brings what people think of as Mercury Retrograde things. But none of it is bad. Your false programming has come upon a bug in your system and we are trying to correct that.

SO with this day, get ready to WANT to move and to WANT to engage and to WANT to launch, but wait until all sides have been taken in and the road is so clear that you only feel confidence as you walk forward, but also make the point of correcting yourself when you start to go glass half empty in thinking you ARE still getting it wrong and won’t be able to create a life of beauty that you dream for.

We have lost a lot, but the ways of the feminine are about STOPPING destruction through being pro-active in overpowering things with what we DO want. Which is basically what all manipulative forces do, but they do it with guns and force and gas-lighting and domination. WE shall do it with love. WE shall be the ones doing it by planting more of what we want. In the same ways the amazon is burning and the trees are leaving us, WE CAN still plant more trees, ourselves.

It is the entire point of things. Things grow back – things recover. We are here to get our world growing back to what we want it to be. And we each hold a seed inside that we will take to the other side of the street. So, as you wait for traffic to pass, hold that seed with grace because ALL THE FIGHTING AND ANGER has got to be hella turned down in all of you big-time power players.

Enough of the frustration – do something about it. Enough of the sadness of what has been – do something about it. Enough of thinking you made too many mistakes to get yourself out of this tangled situation – do something about it. Take the holiday lights and start gently pulling and realize that each step you take, each inch you walk, each part of the journey CAN have your trust and faith deeply imbedded and creating a future IF you just wait when cars are coming and make that a normal part of how you climb the mountains to your dream lives. Get used to knowing that the flow is not always GO, but when we do know that the road is clear, we must continue on and get to what we dream of holding dear.

Things are waiting for us to step forward, but we must play the conscious part of only stepping forward when the path becomes clear to do so. THEN we come together in wild and wonderful and love-affirming ways.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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