saturday (30 november) – It’s okay that you don’t know.

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Of course there is a way.

Believe it

And it will find you.

Change is coming.

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

And here we are in another important energy day!  You are going to wake up and sort of feel a bit different, but not really understanding anything just yet. So expect that!! Expect to feel like you need more sleep or you just feel a bit off, maybe puffy eyed or foggier than normal.

This is just because of this huge transformation we all are in as we SEE how much we have overcome and feel this new mode inside of us that CAN TURN ON when we need it. In life the best thing about getting older is that you live more so you have that actual life walked database of what it is like with experiences – versus the intellectualized version found in books and other people’s stories. So things don’t faze you in the same way in your 20s and 40s. Totally different worlds. But a world you never know when you are only in your 20s. LIFE.

Yet looking back, the changes are so gradual and you see how it is the things that most flipped you upside down that gave you your greatest gifts or passionate life awakenings.

And something is coming together within us so that we see into our past and feel the strength of change it created, even if it was not what we wanted. Even like with Trump, look at how much he has gotten people to stand up!! We are talking so much more about what is just and what is corrupt because of this crazy dude. Hidden places been flying open, on the daily, because he entered our lives. We were basically sound asleep in 2015 compared to where we are now.

We have needed to see how corrupt the entire tapestry is, where people are being bought by a few in power, using their money to influence whatever it is that they want. We need to see it in order to be inspired for a new world that CORRECTS IT.

What I was just shown – was a woman leading the USA in the future and things ARE on the mend and we are loving each other again because we have realized that hate outside is just hate inside. And as long as we are showing it, we are OWNING it and POSSESSING it. When we wake up and embody love inside, we will influence others AND manifest others who also embody real love. Like, real Christ Consciousness. Because HATE and discrimination is not Christ Consciousness. Hate is hurt, let down, wounded, and left behind, EXPRESSING as unhealed.

And that vision they showed me gave me goosebumps of inspiration because I was also shown all these things in cities and towns and ways that we will be running life. But it’s away from what corporations want us to do and towards what empowers the individual and things that are local. And that is where we are right now because we know this but we also don’t know what to do about it.

Use the teachings of this week and feel that STOP and allow it to shift you until you find something that fits or feels good in your body. What is 100% most important is that we are learning to not hold energy of defeat with all the stops that we do see. It really is a test of a time to get you rising, as the all-knowing nurse, in chopping down the resistance without allowing it to consume or overtake you.

It’s time for us to declare that there IS A WAY and that we don’t have to know it to believe it is on the way. We could NEVER imagine how much we change and what we become in our 40’s when we sit at 18. And we need to awaken to that being okay. Because when we can trust our path like this, knowing we DO GROW STRONGER, then we can navigate it smarter from where we are on the journey today. You’re getting there, love. Keep this going.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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