Saturday (4 january) – Put success on your mind.

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Put success

on your mind.

You got this.

well hello S A T U R D A Y!

Okay loves. Something comes in to rattle you today and you are going to have the choice of how you process this in your mind. We can think that this is going to destroy me OR this is part of what designs me better.

I know that doing the 40 day fast opened me to another aspect of my soul’s purpose. In the near future I will be making this a huge part of my career focus. But I didn’t know that would happen until after I did the fast. A few weeks into eating I realized I have another purpose here!!!

SO carry the weight of life when it is in hard times, but know this isn’t going to break you. It’s not here to destroy you. It is a part of your life journey that you MUST walk beyond to get to other, far-off wonderful places in your future.

This is like the bridge to your dream life, even though there are alligators all around and the bridge is hanging by a string! STILL. The point is that you have to get across to get to the dream. And also that you WILL get across if you put your efforts towards it. It is only your fears that will hold you back and get you second-guessing the journey.

But the fears are the programmed fears put into you, by others’ fears, so that you would STAY PUT and not live in a land where you could manifest better for yourself (and others). I always talk about how our manifesting abilities grow stronger through these certain ways, but one is from choosing better for yourself!

It’s like raising the bar on what you will expect as a life experience. Like, getting to the NOPE of a boundary, where you will NOT allow that in again. But, my loves, always lighten up on yourself because you needed that last experience of the NOPE in order to now create a future where that boundary will not be crossed. You needed the experience to finally name how you need things to be.

We are passive until we learn what is unacceptable and then we deserve to grow very vocal with its correction. If we all knew this long ago, people would not have been able to manipulate us. Too many stayed quiet. Now no one will. And this is good news!

So know that people are erupting all around you and you should be, too, but also allow your volcano to release something FOR THE GOOD and for the rebuilding of what we wish had not been done wrong.

Our old selves would have focused more on what was done wrong and we need to bring in the new by focusing on how we never want it done that way again, through teaching and rebuilding and starting over in places where they WERE done wrong.

The nurse never shames. The nurse just rushes on in and does what is needed, thinking like a computer and not making things personal or having expectations for others.

Where there is work to be done, we need to rush in and offer our assistance – not our judgment or our anger of what we are having to deal with. We have to be the tow truck driver who just does the jobs and isn’t judging or getting grumpy because they have to go out and pick someone up. Actually, they get paid by the job, so they will be stoked to come get you. It’s like their job and they know they need to roll with the punches and not have any expectations.

But success IS always on their mind. Success needs to be on your mind, too. Because what you think it will be, will be. So might as well see it becoming beautiful. Because you ARE co-creating right now and the choice is in fact YOURS.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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