saturday vibes (7 september) — You are going to meet someone today, and this will grow you roots.

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When I connect with you

My roots grow down deep.

Deep roots feel safe.

Together, we discover a new way.

Good morning sweet loves! So today we get some answer or something will be revealed that inspires us towards a new path. I also am seeing all these people together, where you align, and this is what lights up your mind space to thinking about new ideas for what can potentially be.

Now the thing is that straight away something comes to throw you off your game. And your mood will be a bit uptight and have you start to think you can’t go out and enjoy yourself like you planned, but you DO need to still do things where you mingle with others.

A lot of you now are turning into bright light chatterboxes in regards to speaking of the better way and sharing the vibration you feel, which IS changing things for others. We 100% are influenced humans. We are programmed. What we are fed is what we are. What is in our database, due to the steps we have walked is WHAT we believe and bank on in our futures. AND this means we can influence ourselves and program again in a better way, JUST LIKE I DID in the 40 day fast — and then we can manifest different life experiences.  

As we awaken we will be called more to the streets and to action in regards to sharing our love and talking about the good vibration things. YES, we ARE in big trouble in the world that has run on clockwork — and stopped a few years back. YES, this is SCARY. But. We are moving into new lands that require us to adapt and move about in new ways.

And one thing that is here now is that we are being asked to just keep our eyes up and notice people and make those small little connections in those places that we are anyway. We are to connect and share, and the magic of these times is that when we do, WE feel safe and grounded on Earth. Like the moment you give and be nice and help out and do what you can with that you got to offer, you then will notice that your Kali roots are growing down into the Earth and you WILL walk out feeling stronger. Like, you will talk about walking different, like with a different swagger or some sort of strut that is hella grounded and sort of like cowgirl badass.

But listen to how you gain those roots. We feel safer in this energy right now WHEN WE GIVE OF OURSELVES in ways where we do small talk with people we don’t know yet. In the store, in the line, stopping even to reach out and do something kind. The more we do, the more we fill up and start radiating this new light that is creating something truly magical and healing. We are talking healing in the most miraculous of ways.

Do hold conscious in your mind, and even pass it along, that as low as we go, always represents an energy being built to send it to its antithesis. So where there is no big low, there also is no big high. So the bigs that we see now will bring a polar opposite expression of the same magnitude. Hold that in your body and go out and paint it into realty through people who do not know they are programmed by the 6 people who own 90% of media, that don’t want anyone leaving their shows when they have had our attention for decades.

So. EXPECT A FIGHT in regards to others not making it easy on us rising into the light and showing the love and creating the hope for the antithesis to show its way. But just don’t let that change you. We now grow stronger in not allowing the scary fear to change us so that we become what it is. Like hating something so much that you become it. We have been doing this and now the world reflects that pain. But now there is so much awareness hitting us that we HAVE TO CHANGE. I like this energy personally!! I feel that we needed it to get as many people as we now have looking into the truth of the matter, and the depth and layers behind what we programmed to see.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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