Scorpio Reading: Full Moon in Taurus (12 november)

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At this time you are going to be waking up in ways where you see how others have programmed you to be this certain way, because you followed along and took on the messages that they believed.

But now something smashes through your consciousness where you see this and it will have you wanting to change a pattern of how you have shown yourself, and to bring on this new older and wiser perspective that is MUCH more about being the patient Eagle.

So how you dance with others will be in your face because you will see how changes you make can get them going in different directions – and it will be palpable at this time that you see HOW YOU FLOW because of how they affect your flow. And that takes deep soul-searching work to even face and see!

But in the retreat of recent weeks and really being forced to trust the Great Mystery you have been getting in touch with your impact and how your impact impacts others to then even more so impact you. It’s like the recycling circle and all of this IS coming back your way.

This will have you wanting to walk life with more grace as you discover that you DO want to be seen in ways where people think of you as calming them and bringing something to their lives with offerings that are seen as valuable things. So like the scorpion will go in to sting to get attention, while the Eagle just sits there doing ANYTHING and we are focused with admiration.

You are learning subtle ways to change yourself that can only be changed because YOU really have changed from the depth of you. And it is your hold on life that is changing. It is your trust in the process that is opening you to really getting down to business in “working the Universe” so that you DO manifest all the things you need to keep you solid, safe and secure as you grow your veggies and do your things and stay balanced with knowing you are always being held safe in regards to money and foundational stability.

At this time new parts of you flutter awake and they are to start a planning process where you shift because you see that valuing yourself is all it takes to bring in what you need to feel safe. And something about this is showing me that you are often out of your body, especially with money things, and that it is some other persons fear, which is why it doesn’t sit in your body when you talk about it. But this needs to shift and it CAN now.

It’s time to awaken to the truth that you got all the tools you need and you don’t have to make big flashy shows, as you just need to VIBE THIS THING, like the Eagle does, and catch us into wanting to know more, just because of your elegance or that way that you are presenting yourself.

Something does need to change with a look of yours and it comes with some leveling up like what happens when we get older and aren’t into the same things years earlier. This can mean that you are feeling the rumbles of what no longer is fitting, and that can have you wanting to hold on tighter — but remember the scorpion pushes others away with the sting, and to catch what you desire you just need to hold a vibration of surrender and learn from what is going on around you.

Remember that you are a leader! And this energy wants YOU to lead, so lead them into where you want them to be by holding space of things that are like the Eagle. Your higher ways will get you everything you want. And it IS the scarcity fears that have been programmed into you that are ready to rise into a new focus in your life. It’s like you are learning to take all problems and give them 10% as you open 90% to the solution.

That IS the Eagle.  It says YES this is here, but the true focus goes into how to bring the problem into balance. And NOT to fear that the answer will not be there — that is the scarcity mentality. You are learning to turn into a superhuman person who takes that challenge and truly shows it who is boss. Think 10/90 and shift your life, because it’s ready to now go on YOUR upgraded terms. Tell it where to go through knowing you are not stuck by anything others want you to think is holding you back. You are in the driver’s seat and there IS some new sight in your future destiny to see. So take the wheel and drive.   

Full Moon Affirmation:

I release the old story of how others have gotten me to cautiously assert myself through the lens of their fears and programming. I open to a new way where I flow with what is around me, always aware that I DO affect what is around me. And I honor that I deserve to live a beautiful life, so I will give of my beauty to bring out the beauty in you so that all I see is your face loving me. Today I change a new pattern and I let my Eagle lead the way.


Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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