sunday (1 december) – You are free again!

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Remain present

As things around you change.

You will become better

Than any old version

You dreamed of before.

Be open to the unexpected. 

well hello S U N D A Y!

OKAY THEN! I am seeing things being AT ATTENTION. What we have here today is a brand new feeling that all of you will notice the moment you step into this day. Something is different with December and the last push into the new year will not be like what we normally see with our programmed or traditional December-time things.

And it really starts with this day, today, where the training wheels are off and we feel in charge of the moment. This energy is bringing us to awareness, as if the time is now and we MUST stay present with our thoughts, as if we know we are in a testing ground and we don’t want to miss a thing.

We want to give our all as we are aware that this IS fleeting and not that big of a deal in all of reality, but it is important because how we handle the present CREATES OUR REALITY.

It’s like we are in the middle of something where, suddenly, we see all these sides and now things are waking us up in lightning flashes as if lights are turned on and answers arrive and the program you need IS THERE. You flip open the book and the answer you need is THERE.

So enjoy this space in how it brings so many things from the past to your awareness again. It’s nothing to fear, or even totally understand, but it’s all a part of getting us present and aware again – so that we are consciously creating with HOPE again.

Now I do have to say that I didn’t tell you about something that happened a few months ago in the readings room but I can now, because it is removed as of today, or it’s at least happening for us now, but a while ago we all had like a sock pulled over our heads and it was energy that was keeping us from really being able to see clearly, almost as through we were programmed into this other murky way of seeing something. I wasn’t supposed to mention it because it would have jacked you all up to know it, but now I can talk about it because, as of today,that power over you is gone. And that is one of the reasons you are going to notice a difference and feel a bit not like yourself and operating on a different wavelength.

But I am explaining this now because the next days we move into are about getting you detoxed of that influence, liberated from its restrictive ways, freed to remember how to dream again, VULNERABLE in how you may feel lost or like you really know nothing, and SOFT, sensitive, raw, awkward, uncomfortable —— AND THEN. You will be seeing clearly again and with that 20/20 vision.

How perfect it works out that next we move into the year 2020!! Ha. What a hoot of the Universe always dancing the magic in all threads of life. It was hard to see with a sock over our heads but from that restriction we learned a better way to live life ALIVE.

Do know, too, that we are in line with this and we will awaken like popcorn, where it comes out of the blue, but then it’s like a whole other world opens up for us and THE ENERGY IN YOUR BODY will shift into 4th gear, where the mask of energy kept you fiddling in 2nd – which you noticed, right? I didn’t want to talk about it because in some way it was altering reality. It was making what should be not able to be. And it’s why it took your all to stay straight and not give into thinking maybe things have just changed????

No. Now we can see things are somehow back to where they were and you will notice the change. Oh, yes you will! So, patience, until things shift like magic for you. We are NOT staying the same, so open to ways you are about to improve and upgrade and see that the flow can change.  

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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