Sunday (15 december) – Speak about this in the ways the children do.

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Our feelings are guiding.

Our voice is leading.

A change is coming.

It’s going to be okay.

Don’t worry.  

well hello S U N D A Y!

RAINBOWS do happen! Okay, I feel like something is coming and there is a huge relief from a pressure being lifted – but my friends, I want you to take a minute to touch into what you just went through from when the Full Moon in Gemini hit and how you have this new information you know about and SO MANY FEELINGS FELT – but today a 25 mph curve in the road comes and a new layer of how this energy hits us will be falling into place.

For many of you a new level of sensitivity rises, where you are finally going to be deciding that YOU matter, NO MATTTER if someone wants to shame you or try to make you feel bad for having feelings and needing to get something off your shoulder.

We start to realize that EVERYONE who doesn’t want to change — which is the mainstream that is soon to become the minority as we are having a mainstream switch over — IS GOING TO make a stink and try to make you wrong or bad if you go against their grain.

So no matter, they ARE NOT going to like your rise, but you are to be like a child who just blurts things out, no matter what, because maybe that is the way to be. Maybe we have been programmed to have a huge list of things that we don’t talk about and only superficial meanderings are we allowed. But we are feeling things DEEP and this disrupts our happiness so we MUST put ourselves first, like children, and BLURT it out if it is being felt from our guts to do so.

Inside of you will be strong feelings of wanting attention or wanting to be seen or wanting to feel the joy you see others have – and you may even stomp your feet over wanting it now, being DONE with this crazy year, and several years of the most unimaginable things constantly hitting our awareness.

Our brains are fried. And not only from the truth rising but from the illusion rising with its manipulative powers TRYING to make the truth appear to be the illusion — through that thing I talk about — those who smelt it, dealt it. It’s a con job to confuse the scene. And this means we have to be SMART AF in regards to what we take on and buy into – KNOWING it is set to deceive.

Something about being so immersed in this manipulative space has groomed us to be smarter with what is reality, realizing the con job has been on us for hundreds of years. We all been conned into believing something that is FALSE and only something that is to exploit and make money from. 100%. We are always conned when money is involved.

And that mentality of money ruling our lives to the point we aren’t living our lives is what is flipping inside out on itself – and that is where we have been with our unusual feelings, symptoms, body pains, and such. We were tangled in wrong lives, seeking for things that keep us disconnected and never in places of true satisfaction.

Your inner child has a voice that is rising and others may think it is bitchy or how dare you or that is so selfish of you – but, my friends, speak your truths. See how others are scared of changing – but you are not.

Or maybe you are, but still you move forward and take these risks and come out of your comfort zone because you KNOW this old world and its current ways are pitiful — and you CAN’T contribute to that any longer. And even though you don’t know what to do to bring the improvements — that’s okay. We don’t need to know just yet.

For now it’s time to see the rainbows that come after the storm and to see how it all played a perfect part in waking up your heart. It DID. The times AFTER THE PAIN are always when we are most excited for the life we next want to dream for.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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