sunday (15 september) — Big warning day! Don’t let this get you down.

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You ARE getting somewhere.

Allow this process to proceed.

Okay, big warning day, my loves! And this one is epically huge. Interestingly enough I didn’t feel any of this yesterday but the moment I walked into Sunday I was hit by some huge hurricane winds that are all I can see so far in the reading room! Like a storm is here today.

Now. This storm is actually something that is inside of us and it seems to come right after we tend to bring big ideas for change or step confidently into day 1 of a 40 Day Fast. It is always when we THINK of quitting our jobs that we are super pumped up and knowing we will do it this time.

But ultimately, the steps walked after the job ends is when we most start to crumble and collapse into thinking maybe we CAN’T DO THIS?? So be aware that a test comes today to huff and puff and blow your house down but THAT HOUSE was just your play house that you didn’t really build with valuable and sustainable things. Our ideas and air spaces and thoughts are where we collect the inspiration but we need ACTION IN OUR BONES to really make the big dreams happen. Now, don’t get me wrong, we must DREAM and intend them into the fabric of our existence, but we ALSO must apply them and weave them in. It must be two-fold and never only one-fold.

And right as you were about to think you COULD dream of the impossible, you will get slammed by some insecurity wave where you may wonder if you even have a place in the world or a purpose or if anyone would ever want you. You will TOTALLY go insecure and you may even notice your whole body go slump.

But just as with an inhale and then an exhale, MOVE WITH THIS and let it get you rising into more of a deviant mode of OH HELL NO. This one today is pretty deep into a scar that is a great wound of yours, but something in the energy will push you to change and adapt quickly and NOT go into the scar and sit there reminding yourself that you are the ultimate loser who has made way too many mistakes in life — and with a career that will NEVER go anywhere – only OTHERS will have success but yours will pass you by.

THAT is just the alarm clock going off in you today and all you have to do is GET UP AND DO SOMETHING and tell those thoughts – because they’re just thoughts – a new story of how things will be. Tell them that this is ALL just timing and that around some next corner may very well be everything you have been dreaming of for years. Today you need to plant that hope seed back inside of you but with a strong thrust of aggression in stopping the old song from continuing to play out how you are the loser here. REMEMBER, the programming wants you to think small and that you ARE the loser, so that is your scar pattern groove and it’s easy to take all of us into thinking we are totally lost and only others will live the dream lives.

But it just is not true. It’s not even close to true. We all are on the way to our dream life, but WE TURN OURSELVES AROUND, we double back, we second guess, we lose faith, we live through others’ fears, we don’t go two-fold on the dreaming and doing together so we only get a few inches towards our dream life every month or so. But if we keep at it, no matter how we want to dance it, we DO get there! And now it’s time to make our route a bit more direct – because love is the answer and there is a way — and we CAN’T stop now. So giddy up back on the path to your dreams. Work will be required but each day you are moving steps closer. THAT is where your mind need be. You ARE getting somewhere. Allow this process to proceed.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


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