sunday (22 september) – Our final test before a big shift!

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You are going to pick yourself up

Because you DO got it in you.

You ARE destined

To win your desires.

well hello S U N D A Y!

(Warning the f-bomb goes off a bit in this reading to make a point)

Good morning, sweet loves! So we have been in it, huh? I was surprised how the energies have gone down since the Full Moon in Pisces, with all the tests and all the things really demanding we be present and resilient. And today we get something that is the ULTIMATE testing of situations where we are being asked to soften and humble and NOT let something blow our fuse or get in some manipulative mind space that keeps us waterlogged and totally lost in our past or lost in the fears of future failures.

So this is DEFINITELY a day where the paths are divided and there is a strong focus with each group, but they have polar opposite expressions. This energy sort of causes pressure in my chest, like this heavy weight that is almost like trying to keep us down or hold us back. You may even feel like the wind is blowing into you and you can hardly move. You can quickly feel that things are against you.

But remember, my loves, THIS is the testing gateway we are in and this is nothing but something for you to RISE up in regards to walking your talk, to doing it how you wish you would have done it the last time you messed it up and swore you would do it this next time — as in this time.

This is a pothole on your path and you CAN feel awfully sad and confused and like maybe you did get something wrong, but — my love —– this is our final test before things shift, where we are done for a minute on this particular learning lesson. And you will notice the shift!!! So don’t throw yourself to the ground and think you can’t deal with all of this. This is a joke of a nothing that we just need to say, fuck that shit and then pick ourselves up and correct this motherfucking ship – because Mother needs to be fucked better than THIS. Mother DOES need to be fucked, as we all justifiably DO, but this is violation and this is unwarranted and this is beyond what anyone should be able to get away with. This porn sex isn’t good enough for Mama Earth; she needs it Tantric.

Mama Earth is our ship and she provides so that we can thrive – but if we are lost and escaping in a woe of emotions that feel like we are losing our minds then we are voting for what we DON’T WANT TO SEE HAPPEN. So today. Rise with the knowing that Mama Earth needs YOU to be true to you and to use your voice to speak in loving ways as you break through the limitation, charm the opposition, and assert what you know in your heart IS POSSIBLE. We sit in a space where we are being asked to remember that WE ALL CAN START OVER. We can make ourselves better. We can correct things. We can recover. If WE can, THEY can, and CERTAINLY Mama Earth can!

Earth will correct when enough people vibe the love. We need 144,000 PEOPLE who TRULY VIBE what they THINK INSIDE. The “high vibe talk walkers.”

When 144,000 of us vibe in this way that is pure on the outside and pure on the inside WE SAVE EARTH without needing anyone else to change or vibe in the same ways we do – like we become the river that changes the energetic flow around Earth. We only need 144,000 you and me’s doing the inner work and truly keeping it real. It’s all through vibration. — And I don’t want to go too far into that as more on this is coming soon in the Galactic Vision Teachings that I brought through in August 2015 on a visit to Ouray, Colorado – where, by chance, the friend I was meeting was coming from STL and on the way he ran over a rock on a mountain curve that took out his transmission.

So he stayed there and I was alone and that is when the Higher Council of Galactic Guides came through and taught me 13 teachings that soon you will know all about. 

BUT. Energy is EVERYTHING. And this that we see in the world is the collective culmination. SO to change what we see, we must be a part of the collective that vibes high as fuck.

So get ready for THE test today. And know you will blast through this boulder and you WILL get to a NEW LIGHT. You CAN begin again and do it better.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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