sunday (24 november) – We are FIRED up!

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The more we are beaten down,

the higher we go

when opportunities rise.  

well hello S U N D A Y!

Oh yes, my loves, fired up WE ARE! And you maintaining control over how you handle that and direct the MANY ways that you feel strongly about things is what is being asked of you today.

We take the old and really see it clearly at this time, but something is transformed in our approach to processing this — and we can’t help but take notice. And the reason being: IT ALL feels so big right now.

We are showing signs of handling things with a new strength – because of how incredibly intense and altering this year has been for EVERYONE – that we really seem to be processing around this day. But finally, something is happening with the energy where we are settling down and seeing things start to show new life or a new flow in how things have been repeating for us.

Imagine turning the ceiling fan from summer position to winter position – and THAT is how the flow, or wind, is changing directions for us. With that change, expect that the shift between directions involves a bit of a void or taken away sort of space. For many of you it will be highly creative, where all the pieces just start coming together, but it does change a track and it’s distinctive in how different it will feel.  

And what I feel with this energy is that we are not all at the same place in things, but the more you can THINK you are, the more you will be. So if you sit slumped and are still so in shock over the death or the annihilation or the shift from how it was to how it is now, then steer your thoughts into the trusting of this process and see that things DO come alive again and that there is never an end to things, not ever. A rebirth follows all death – it happens. We do transform and grow stronger. We figure our way out. Things come in and change the situation. I don’t know how. But. It happens. Over time, things pass, we grow, they die, we rise – who knows?

Often we are HERE in feeling things all so deeply and not having the answers just yet and wanting to run back into the fear of things and buy into the hopelessness of life and no purpose for your soul and a mistake in what we see in the world.

But the astrology is describing what we see, so it IS a part of this journey for evolution when it gets SO HOT that we have to stand up and make a change. OUR PROBLEM is that we don’t think our individual choices matter, we don’t think our energy matters, we don’t think that holding loving thoughts could counterbalance the negative so we brood into the darkness and judge each piece, each layer, as unbearably wrong. We use our energy, our thoughts, our dreams, to look into the nightmare and feed it hardcore with even more fear, anger, shame, blame, and regret.

And yes, this energy wants us to see our past and what we created because of what was done to us and done wrong around us AND how we malfunctioned our way through life to this point BECAUSE of its influence on us. We ARE being asked to see in there and give it a feel, BUT we now are to grow up or level up or STAND UP into a higher perspective that rises like the Phoenix with a new level of understanding that could only come from walking through the darkest and most confusing spaces of life.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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