Sunday (29 december) – You may feel weird and that’s okay.

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This day may zap you

and leave you stunned.

But this precedes

an awakening

into what MUST be done.

Trust this.

It will be a surprise.

well hello S U N D A Y!

So do be aware that you can be feeling REAL low or tired or frazzled and just not really here right now. This energy is kind of zoning us out for the purpose of getting to the bottom of some story or some piece that is in there, deep inside of us, that now needs to upgrade and transform into – maybe what it was always meant to be.

I am being shown that we are sort of walking around in a daze and for that reason we need to keep our heads up, like big time, in regards to what is going on around us. There are many reasons we need to be aware but it is only for protection, from others driving or walking in a daze AND because things in our environment are there to trigger us or awaken us to this thing that we MUST transform before 2020. Something about the next few days is when we are sort of having our systems scanned and for the purpose of seeing, what else, what else – what is standing in our way…

And I feel that we may have lots of surprises! The changes to come are those ones that are so epic that your whole life path may end up changing. It’s like getting that piece of information, or that job offer, or that connection and this is IT – from here on out, things fall together and operate in a new way. So do know that the numbed out feeling is really just putting us IN WAIT and something will be invoked or inspired that then gets all of us listening to our hearts more, while also realizing change needs to occur.

This day changes from how it begins, as first we wait for the inspiration and then we will shoot off into creating a new plan or seeing the steps of what we need to do to get to some far out goals. As these new paths are opening to us, we also are going to be feeling that, this time, we really can do this. We can rebuild the life of our dreams.

So don’t judge this day and how it makes you feel. There is an important process going on and the information that will come to you NEEDS you to be in this certain state – much like how we have to work the soil before putting the seeds in there. We first need to soften the pathway journey for the seed by breaking up the soil and adding compost to give it the best shot it can get.

I always use the compost example when I talk about how some of us got parents who composted and really worked to help us have the easiest journey possible, but most of us got parents who just threw our seeds out into an abandoned city lot.

It’s a miracle we even got this far!! And we know that being mistreated and undervalued led to us walking a world like tough kids, just ready for a fight and we have to do healing work to then stop expressing through the one who had to fight so hard to find a safe place in this world.

If you weren’t valued, you don’t really value the seeds you plant or the process in getting them to provide what you wish them to one day become. When you were mistreated, you mistreat the life that could be yours. And none of this is our fault or something to feel shame or blame in regards, but it does dictate what our healing journey is going to look like on the way to discovering HOME.

And it means that what we saw is what we will continue to think we will see AND we will even project onto others. Period. It’s how it works being that we are mental creatures with a computer-like database. What we are filled with is what we believe to be the truth.

So we must EMPTY what is toxic, like a virus, to our future.

BUT just like when we clean the computer, we end up with more space and things running smoother and quicker. So trust this. You don’t want all those programs running you when you don’t have to. AND what is it that you want? More space and things to run smoother and quicker, right?

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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