sunday (29 september) – Take it, if it’s love. Leave it, if it’s fear.

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We take it in,

and then we take it on.

And we need to be smarter

With what we allow

To just willy nilly

Be taken on by us. 

Take it, if it’s love.

Leave it, if it’s fear.

well hello S U N D A Y!

Okay, this is a big day and it’s hitting people hard. The first message is coming through that you need to be aware that WHAT YOU SEE FOR OTHERS is not a sign of what will also happen to you or how things will go with your dreams. There is something here with you maybe seeing things that are negative or fearful or stories of others NOT having success and 100% you will automatically fall into a pit of fear or loser-land.

BUT – 100% – the test of today is just to NOT lose faith in your visions so easily just because you see or hear things that are scary or scarcity based. Which, I have to stop here because I never noticed that those words are almost the same and scarcity IS scary. And they also leave a SCAR. They all are linked together. Wild.

So, how is it that when we find these wounds — these deep scars –- how do we not go into the feeling of the scary so that it leaves us manifesting a life of scarcity? From one they create the thing we most do not want. And this new moon is helping us find a way out of manifesting the things we take into our minds or into our thoughts that we then allow to saturate our energy as we fall in line with whatever we run into. — They lost their job, so now we think NO ONE is keeping their jobs. Or that person is struggling, so ALL people are struggling.

BUT I want you to notice that you maybe don’t do the same thing when someone talks about something awesome happening. Like, when they say they just got engaged or landed the dream job, do you think it is going to be that way for everyone, too? Or do you then take that and say that YOU will never have that, and then start thinking about how flawed and not good enough YOU are?

We take in, and we then take it on.

And now it’s important that we learn to get smarter in choosing to recycle things and not hoard them and live through the lens of others’ fears and programming, conditioning you to stay small and ineffective.

We are in a special energy that flutters fully into the direction of where it is being sent. And, for that reason, there also is this force that seems to be fighting us and fighting the light and fighting the peace we long to see fill the humans hearts, and it’s coming in the form of people colliding with us or just coming into our spaces and crossing boundaries that are NOT to be crossed. For this reason you can get agitated and upset by others who come at you in fearful or emotional ways. But the test is, DON’T TAKE IT ON. (This is a day to have Empath Shield potion drop on hand to keep you protected naturally so it will be easier to not take it on).

And another part of this is saying, as it will be growing into next week, that we are SUPPOSED to snap things down that are not correct, and to stop them in their tracks, but in the way of a responsible parent doing the disciplining of showing what is a NO and being the authority on defining that.

So today we begin this lesson where we ARE having to speak out of line or be awkward in raising our voices and saying NO or drawing boundaries in valuing ourselves in knowing THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. But. We no longer need to go bat shit crazy or get rattled in making that known. We need to be strong-rooted, like the parent who says NO, but who doesn’t take it personally. They aren’t then shaken because they have to say no, they say no and then move on to the next thing that needs their attention. We are to be this way with what arrives today.  

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that we all move on to the next thing in this energy. Do not discount the importance of this reading today. Do not take on what you see if it makes you feel fearful, but if it makes you feel joy, RUN WITH IT and paint the town red with the love you feel in your heart because YOU WILL BE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Any and all potholes in the road just need to be climbed out as you MOVE ALONG.

Sending you heap loads of blessings of support and energy to shift you to the other side!


THERE ARE SO MANY OF US! Together we Rise.

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